Best Alternatives to Hair Transplant in 2019

No one wants to lose scalp hair because it means a lot for all of us. We are often not able to stop hair thinning despite trying hard and we do not want to take a surgical treatment as well. Are you looking for different alternatives to the hair transplant in Dubai? This blog post discusses the best alternatives to hair transplant in 2019.

If you want to regrow hair without undergoing a hair transplant, this topic is for you.

Treating Hair Thinning and Baldness

The causes of hair loss can be different for different people but some safe and effective techniques can be used to stop hair loss and trigger regrowth. A victim of hair loss needs to timely undergo a treatment to be able to get desired results. If you are losing hair rapidly, take action before it is too later.

There comes a time when hair transplant becomes the only option to get the right number of hair. If a person timely takes the decision to curb hair loss, non-surgical and minimally invasive options can work well. Even if you could not control hair loss before, you can always consider hair transplant in Dubai.

Best Alternatives to Hair Transplant

If you are not into surgical treatments, you may dislike hair transplant in Dubai. In such cases, hair restoration surgeons customize the existing hair loss treatments according to the needs of the patient. Here are some alternatives to hair transplant treatment:

  • PRP Therapy: In recent years, platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is commonly used to stop hair loss and boost regrowth of hair.
  • ACell Therapy: Here, a unique protein known as ACell is used to fix dormant follicular tissues. As a result, the treatment area starts growing more hair than before.
  • Topical Applications: Some topical medications such as Minoxidil can stop hair loss and trigger regrowth. Such over-the-counter medicines are FDA-cleared and have been found effective.



Choosing the Right Treatment for Hair Loss

It is important to mention that hair transplant in Dubai has become less surgical and invasive than before. If you have much thinning or bald spots, you might be an ideal candidate for this procedure rather than the other non-surgical alternatives. Try to choose the best-suited option rather than the easiest one.

What is Your Hair Loss Treatment?

In the end, we can say that one can get back the required number of hair by taking a hair transplant in Dubai. However, there are effective and safe non-surgical options as well.

So what is your hair loss treatment? You might be interested in knowing more about it if you have similar issues. Consult one of our experts to ask your questions.

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