Beard Hair Transplantation Cost in Dubai

Beard transplant has become quite popular over the last few years. Today, beard hair restoration is not as rare as it was a decade back. People are now more willing to have their desired beard style and thickness through surgical hair restoration. Hipster and designer-style beards are quite popular nowadays. Gone are the days when girls used to admire stubble free men. Now women find men with facial hair more attractive and masculine. This is why men also like to have little hair growth on faces rather than shaving their mustaches and beards completely. But not every man is blessed naturally with thick beard. Most men naturally have minimal hair growth on their faces, or at least a few hairless patches here and there.


If you also don’t have that lush beard, worry not, you can always benefit from beard transplant. The procedure is similar to traditional hair transplant performed on the head. The surgeon moves healthy, DHT resistant hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the bald patches or the areas in the beard with notable hair thinning. Both FUE and FUT techniques are used for beard transplantation. But if only a few hundred hairs are needed for transplantation, FUE will be the preferred choice, as it gives the surgeon more control over graft harvesting, allowing him to extract only those follicles which resemble closely to the existing beard hair. Beard transplants are safe and permanent, because it uses DHT resistant follicles. Besides that they don’t need any extra care either.

Beard Transplant Cost:

It is pertinent to mention here that beard transplant is as expensive as scalp surgery, because it requires a great deal of surgical skills and experience. But you can cut the cost by making smart choices. There are numerous factors that affect cost of beard transplant. These include:

  • Number of grafts required
  • Hair transplant technique used
  • Geographic location of your provider
  • Surgical skills and experience of surgeon
  • Reputation of the surgeon and the clinic

Tips to Reduce Beard Transplant Cost:

If you are looking to create a fuller beard and want a large number of hair follicles to be transplanted, it will cost you more than filling up just a small patch. Ask your surgeon to help you achieve fuller appearance with minimum number of grafts possible. Similarly, FUE technique is usually used for facial transplantation, but if you need a large number of grafts to be transplanted, better opt for strip removal method. Remember, this is only for those who are not bothered by visible scarring on the scalp.

Geographic location of your provider also plays a vital role in determining Beard transplant cost. Cost of treatment varies significantly from one place another. Dubai offers low cost beard transplants to allow young boys as well as aged men to enjoy thick beards. Beard transplant cost in Dubai is several times than getting the same procedure done in some developed country, such as America or the United Kingdom. So, if you want to save money on your beard transplant surgery, plan to get it done in Dubai. New Year is probably the right time to get the surgery as most of the clinics in the UAE are offering lucrative deals and discounts on cosmetic surgeries.

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