Men like their facial hair. In most cultures of the world, it is seen as a sign of masculinity. In various Religions, beard has been associated with a pious person. It is a sign of a noble and dignified man. To add to its resume, beard is also useful in protecting a person from skin related issues as well as allergies.

Most people have a naturally thick beard and they can try any style of their liking. Others are not so lucky and may have sparse facial hair. Keeping a beard in such a case may look a person less than attractive. A patchy beard really doesn’t make one look very masculine.


For people residing in the United Arab Emirates, beard hair transplant surgery is the answer to this problem. It is becoming a very common procedure and people are willing to spend a little in order to gain a masculine look. The beard hair transplant pretty much follows the same route as any other hair transplant. We will have a look into it in the following paragraphs.

Why Get a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is not for everyone. It is perfect for people with weak and patchy beard. It allows better coverage of hair on the face and gives a more masculine look. If you already have a thick brush, you are certainly not a candidate.

Hair Transplant Options

There are two main types of beard hair transplants that are being used. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the favorites. FUT or the strip method is used by cutting out a strip of scalp from the back of the head to obtain follicles. In FUE, the extraction of hair follicles is done with the help of a punch like mechanism which takes out a single follicular unit at one time. These follicles are individually placed into specially made tiny incisions on the face. FUE is preferred to the strip method due to its overall better results.

Postoperative Care

The amount of downtime and postoperative care required greatly depends on the method that is being employed. With FUT, the downtime is longer and medications must be taken to ensure no infections take place. Shaving can be resumed after 10 days of the procedure

Does it Work?

The results start showing completely in three months’ time. The transplanted beard starts growing normally and you can enjoy a face full of strong brushy beard.

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