Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

beard hair transplant in dubai

Beard Hair Transplant Dubai

Hair have always been associated with the personality of a person. In women, long hair are a big part of their beauty. In men, hair add to their overall personality. The facial hair too are very significant as they add a bit of masculinity and maturity to the appearance. While having a thick beard always leaves a strong impact, some people are unable to have one because of very few hair being present. It is an issue that a lot of people face worldwide. In some cultures, not having a thick beard can lead a person to being bullied.

It this day and age where technology is really advancing in all fields of life, hair transplants are no longer confined only to head and beard transplants are also being done. Beard hair transplants in Dubai is in fact getting very fashionable as well and many local and expats are joining in on a day basis. So how is this transplant done and why is it needed?

Treatment Cost Cost Calculator
Required Time 2-5 Hours
Anethesia Local Anethesia
Recovery Time Varies
Success Rate Very High


People can have very facial hair due to a number of reasons including genetics, skin problems and in some cases, simply as a result of a natural variation. There can be other factors at play as well such as an injury and mostly the situation is permanent and a transplant is needed to resolve it.


The surgical procedure used for a beard hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE hair transplant is the latest technique of hair transplant being used globally and it provides with the best results.

The surgical process starts with extraction of hair follicles from the back and side of the head with the help of a pneumatic punch. This gives an individual hair follicle ready to be transplanted. The follicles are then grafted into incisions made with the help of special needles. Each incision is less than 1mm in length and receives one follicular unit.


Once the process is done, certain postoperative care needs to be taken. Shaving can be resumed generally in ten days’ time from the transplant procedure. The facial skin must be kept dry for five days after the surgery. The new hair shed in about six weeks and grow back in about three months’ time. These are then set to grow for a lifetime.


To get more information about beard hair transplant in Dubai, visit Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic in Dubai. You can also get a free online consultation by filling in the form. It will only take a minute. Here you can find more details about cost of beard hair transplant in Dubai.

Preferred Location
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Preferred Location
Abu Dhabi