Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

Beard hair transplant

Hair has always been associated with a person’s personality. In women, long hair is a big part of their beauty, while in men, hair adds to their overall persona. The facial hair is also quite significant for men as it adds masculinity and maturity to the appearance. While having a thick beard leaves a strong impact, some people cannot grow it due to the scarcity of hairs. Unfortunately, it is an issue that a lot of men face worldwide. In some cultures, not having a thick beard can lead a person to be bullied. Luckily, we have effective treatments like a beard hair transplant in Dubai to counter this problem permanently.

In this age, where technology is advancing in all fields, hair transplants are no longer only confined to the head. Nowadays, beard transplants are also commonly performed in many countries. Similarly, beard transplants in Dubai are also becoming relatively in-demand as many locals and ex-pats are taking interest in this cosmetic treatment.

On this page, you will find everything related to a beard hair transplant. Continue reading to learn more about this aesthetic treatment.

Quick Facts

Procedure Type



Local Anesthesia


2-5 hours

Recovery Period

4-7 days


The primary objective of beard hair transplant in Dubai is to help candidates regain their lost confidence. It also aims to:

  • restore the density and thickness of a patchy beard
  • treat congenital sparse caused by a disease or trauma
  • enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face
  • provide a masculine and mature look
  • hide any imperfect scars on the face due to trauma or injury
  • improve self-confidence and self-esteem


A beard hair transplant is an ideal procedure for anyone who wants a thicker and fuller beard. However, since it is a surgical procedure, everyone cannot undergo it. Therefore, before undergoing a beard transplant, every candidate must fulfill a particular eligibility criterion.

A surgeon determines the candidacy of any patient for a beard hair transplant in Dubai. You are a candidate for a beard transplant if you:

  • cannot grow a naturally thick beard
  • have a patchy or spotty beard
  • want to improve the thickness and density of beard hair
  • lost beard hair due to an injury or trauma
  • need to hide any scars or birthmarks
  • want to modify your beard’s shape and style
  • desire to enhance your facial appearance
  • want to regain lost self-confidence

Techniques Used

Usually, two different methods are used for performing a beard hair transplant, including:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Strip Method

Similar to a FUT hair transplant, a beard transplant using the FUT method also involves harvesting a long and linear skin strip. Usually, it is harvested from the scalp’s backside. After extraction, healthy hair follicles are harvested from this strip. Once enough follicles are extracted, they are transplanted into the bald spots in the beard area.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Instead of cutting a long and linear strip of skin, this method involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor region. For this purpose, a tiny punch tool is used. The rest of the procedure is the same as FUT or Strip method.

Beard Hair Transplant Procedure

The step-by-step procedure of a beard hair transplant in Dubai is mentioned below:

Donor Area Preparation

First of all, the surgeon will prepare the donor area by shaving/trimming and cleansing the area.

Anesthesia Administration

After shaving/trimming and cleansing the donor area, anesthesia will be administered. It will make the area numb, and the patient will feel no pain during graft extraction.

Hair Follicle Extraction

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will begin hair follicle extraction. How the follicles are extracted depends on the selected transplant technique.

Graft Preparation

The surgeon will extract enough hair follicles, and then prepare them for transplant. He/she will trim the follicles to the desired size using a microscope.

Recipient Area Preparation

After preparing the hair grafts, the surgeon will administer local anesthesia into the recipient area, i.e., beard. Then, he/she will make tiny incisions in the recipient area for implanting the follicles.

Hair Follicle Implantation

Lastly, the surgeon will carefully implant the prepared follicles into the recipient area.


A beard hair transplant in Dubai is a safe and effective procedure with numerous benefits. Some benefits of this procedure are mentioned below:

  • The procedure provides permanent results.
  • It is a safe and minimally invasive procedure.
  • The procedure does not take long to complete.
  • Most patients don’t require general anesthesia and local anesthesia is used.
  • The procedure is virtually painless. It feels like small pinches.
  • Patients can easily trim and shave the transplanted hair.
  • It can help cover birthmarks and scars.
  • It does not have an extensive recovery period.
  • The transplanted hair looks natural.
  • Patients can choose the style of their beard.


Once the process is done, certain postoperative care needs to be taken. Shaving can be resumed generally in ten days’ time from the transplant procedure. The facial skin must be kept dry for five days after the surgery. The new hair shed in about six weeks and grow back in about three months’ time. These are then set to grow for a lifetime.


A beard hair transplant in Dubai is a surgical procedure; therefore, it involves certain risks and complications. Typically, these complications are only temporary and subside after a few days.

Some common complications of a beard transplant are:

  • Redness
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness/Lack of Sensation
  • Bruising
  • Crusting
  • Swelling
  • Mild pain
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia

Beard Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The beard hair transplant cost varies from patient to patient since every clinic has its specific policies. Moreover, several factors influence the exact cost of the procedure. Some factors influencing the cost are mentioned below:

  • Surgeon’s expertise and qualification
  • Clinic/facility’s geographical location and reputation
  • Number of grafts needed
  • Size of the treatment area
  • Technique used for transplant
  • Donor hair characteristics (volume, texture, color, and waviness)
  • Candidate’s desired results

Since most clinics charge per graft, the average beard hair transplant cost in Dubai can be calculated from per graft cost. Typically, Dubai hair transplant clinics charge about AED 10 – AED 20 per graft.

Why choose a beard hair transplant in Dubai?

A lot of people do not have naturally thick facial hair. It can be due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Genetics
  • Skin problems
  • Natural variation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Injury or trauma
  • Scarring
  • Medication side-effects

There can be other factors at play as well, and mostly the situation is permanent. Therefore, a beard transplant is needed to resolve it.

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