Basic concept of FUE hair transplant

In recent years, hair transplants have become relatively common than in the past. Nowadays, people suffering from excessive hair loss don’t have to live with a balding head. They can easily undergo a hair transplant procedure to regrow natural-looking hair. Different hair transplant techniques are available, and new techniques are introduced with time. The two most commonly used methods are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Although FUT is the oldest hair transplant technique, most people prefer an FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai due to different reasons.

An FUE hair transplant is used for regrowing hair on the scalp, beard, and mustache. In this article, we have shared everything you need to know about FUE hair transplants. So, continue reading to learn about the basic concept of this technique.


About Follicular Unit Extraction

The basic principle of an FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai is the same as any other transplant procedure. It involves uprooting hair follicles from one part and embedding them into another part.

Typically, the surgery provides permanent and natural-looking results. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is scar-free and painless. Generally, it takes about three to four days for the surgical side-effects, such as redness and swelling, to vanish. However, complete healing depends on the patient’s skin type.

Generally, hair transplant surgeons advise patients to refrain from any strenuous activities for about a week after the procedure. But people can resume regular activities immediately after the surgery.


Precision is the key to a successful hair transplant. The surgeon must be meticulous while handling the follicles; otherwise, the results may not look natural. Moreover, since hair transplant is a surgical procedure, doctors must be vigilant to avoid post-op complications.

Both hair transplant procedures follow the same core technique. It means healthy hair follicles are extracted and implanted onto the scalp. As a result, hair regrowth occurs, helping patients get rid of bald spots.

Let’s see how FUT and FUE are different in terms of procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

In FUT, the surgeon cuts a long and linear strip of skin from the donor region. Usually, the donor site is the scalp’s backside. Due to the strip cutting, FUT is also known as Strip Surgery.

After cutting the strip, the surgeon’s team extracts healthy hair grafts from it individually. Each graft can contain up to four hairs. These are placed into a tissue solution until the time of transplant.

Once enough follicles have been obtained, the surgeon begins the transplant procedure. He/she makes tiny incisions in the recipient areas on the scalp. Each follicle is carefully placed inside the incisions. After this, the donor area is also stitched, which usually leaves a prominent scar.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Compared to the FUT procedure, an FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai is less invasive. During the procedure, no skin strip is cut. Instead, singular follicles are extracted from the donor area, i.e., the scalp’s backside.

After obtaining enough healthy hair follicles, the surgeon transplants them into the recipient area. Since there are no sutures, this procedure takes less time in healing. Moreover, there is no visible scarring after this procedure. Patients can develop tiny scab-like scars, but they are rarely visible and can be hidden under the hair.

So, what’s the difference?

Unlike Follicular Unit Transplant, where an entire skin strip is removed, FUE extracts individual follicular units from the donor area. Usually, the scalp’s back and sides are the donor areas. These follicular units are then individually implanted in the bald spots. The transplanted hairs are immune to balding, and they resist the effects of DHT hormones.

How long does the procedure take?

A typical Follicular Unit Extraction procedure takes about 8 to 10 hours. Generally, patients can see the complete results of a hair transplant after a period of 10 to 12 months. It requires immense patience from the individual to wait for seeing the desired results. After at least a year, patients can decide whether the transplant results are good enough or they want another session.

Is an FUE hair transplant in Dubai painful?

Since an FUE hair transplant is a surgical procedure, it causes minimal discomfort and mild pain. However, the pain is relatively bearable. But if an individual experiences more pain than they can bear, they can ask for topical or local anesthesia. If abnormal pain or infections persists, patients must visit a hair transplant surgeon immediately.

How much does the procedure costs?

The prices of the procedure vary significantly. The price per graft in Dubai is typically 15 AED. But the number of grafts needed for the surgery varies considerably from person to person.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

Some general benefits of FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai are mentioned below:

  • No Prominent Scars

FUE is preferred over FUT because it does not leave a linear scar at the donor site. Since singular follicles are extracted from the donor area, it only leaves tiny scabs that can be hidden under the hair.

  • Wearing Short Hair

FUT leaves a long and linear scar at the scalp’s backside. Due to this, patients are usually unable to get short haircuts. However, since FUE does not leave a prominent scar, patients can easily wear short hair.

  • Quick Recovery

The FUE procedure doesn’t involve any sutures. Therefore, after an FUE hair transplant, the recovery is quick and discomfort-free.

Consult an Expert

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