Are you the candidate for a hair transplant surgery?

People assume that their thick eyebrows and full heads of hair will stay forever however the reality is a lot more different then this as many experience hair loss because of a range of causes like aging, genetics or life style factors, throughout their lifespan.

Fortunately, advances in life science have made it possible for eligible patients of hair loss, particularly hereditary hair loss, i.e. male and feminine pattern hair loss, to bear hair transplant surgery to revive lost hair and regain their young look.

Is hair transplantation right for you? What is the hair transplant cost in Sharjah? Understanding of the procedure can assist you and your consulting doctor make the suitable decision for you regarding hair transplant.


What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation surgery has been around for over sixty years. Previously hair transplantation involved the removal of a linear strip of hair and transplanted these hair follicles onto the thinning and bald areas of the head. The hair follicles harvested from the donor region are immune to the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Once transplanted, these follicles can still grow naturally.
The hair transplant procedure is usually performed below anaesthesia, creating it a reasonably easy procedure. Several patients continue day activities after two to five days of the surgery. Depending on the quantity of grafts to be transplanted, the hair transplant cost in Sharjah can be determined; the procedure will take anyplace from four to eight hours.

Are There Any Risks or aspect Effects? As with any surgery, undergoing hair transplant surgery comes with a minor risk of infection and trauma. Some patients report minor discomfort because of swelling within the transplant region, however this is often simply managed with medication and cold compresses.

What makes an honest Hair Transplant Candidate?

Most people will bear a hair transplant procedure with no issues, however there are some factors that surgeons see before they recommend the procedure.


Lots of young patients desire a low hairline similar to when they were young, and that would not result in a natural looking airline.

Health Conditions

Before going for a surgery, patients should be healthy enough to bear a procedure and have a healthy system. Serious medical conditions ought to be treated and resolved before surgery to cut back the danger of complications post-procedure. If you have got a chronic health condition like polygenic disease or are prescribed medications that will adversely have an effect on your results so you need to discuss it with the surgeon.


Making healthy life style decisions, avoiding stress are key factors for the success of a hair transplant. Creating healthy decisions a day boosts your system which suggests less recovery time, less swelling, and a lower risk of infection for hair transplant patients. Keep your body stay hydrous, have a healthy diet, and obtain enough sleep every night.

Hair Loss Classification
Another necessary issue for hair transplant is that the severity of the hair loss, or the quantity of donor hair that’s accessible to transplant to thinning areas. With the severe hair loss the quantity of donor hair accessible can confirm the results which will be expected from a hair transplant procedure.

Commitment to medical care
Your commitment to following the medical care directions from your medico is one amongst the fore most necessary factors that may predict the success of your hair transplant procedure. Following the medical care directions properly can cut back your risk of infection, cut back your recovery time, and keep discomfort to a minimum.

The hair transplant cost in Sharjah

  • Grafts to be transplanted.
  • Size of region that needs to be covered with hair follicles.
  • The procedure used.

Cost of FUT hair transplant is AED 10 per graft and FUE costs AED 15 per grafts. However the exact hair transplant cost in Sharjah can be calculated after the scalp is examined by the doctor.

Preferred Location

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