Are you ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery?

Hair loss is a devastating experience for every individual even if they are suffering from temporary hair loss. Fortunately, with the latest advancements in technologies and hair transplant industry, crown hair transplant in Dubai can revive back an individual’s hair and confidence.  However, hair transplant is not suitable for everyone and only a hair transplant surgeon can determine whether it is the ideal condition for you or not.


Type of hair loss


Type of hair loss determines whether crown hair transplant in Dubai is the ultimate cure or not.  Certain types of hair loss like telogen effluvium are not effectively treated by hair loss. In this condition, a person sheds hair due to stress which typically grows back after the stress period is over. However for male and female pattern baldness, hair transplant can work wonders for reviving the lost hair.  Hair transplant is not only a cure to baldness but also a cure to thinning hair. Hair follicles can be extracted from denser areas and implanted into the areas which need more hair growth. This type of hair transplant surgery is usually performed to create the appearance of denser looking hair line. Beard and eyebrow hair transplants are also part of such transplant cases.


Location of hair loss


If you have experienced hair loss throughout your scalp, then crown hair transplant in Dubai is not the ideal solution for you. Typically in a hair transplant, hair is extracted from back or sides of the scalp. This is so because these areas are generally not affected by baldness. Mostly during male and female pattern baldness, these areas are resistant to baldness. But if you are experiencing any other type of hair loss, it might affect the donor area. In such cases, you won’t be able to go under a hair transplant and must opt for other hair restoration treatments.


Progression of Hair loss


Progression of hair loss also determines whether crown hair transplant in Dubai is the right step forward for you or not. Some people want to get a hair transplant surgery in the initial stages of hair loss. This will only worsen their situation. It will result in a patchy appearance afterwards and they might require multiple transplants or treatments. Generally surgeons recommend that you should at least wait till the age of 30 before opting for a hair restoration surgery. The ideal age for hair transplant is 40 to 45. Until, this age, hair loss has completely developed a pattern and transplant can be performed adequately.


Other options apart from hair transplant


Apart from hair transplant, there are many other non surgical options when it comes to treating hair loss. If you are not the suitable candidate for crown hair transplant, you might need to go for non surgical treatments like Mesotherapy, Platelet rich plasma therapy, ACell/PRP therapy and Stem Cell therapy. If your hair loss is still in its initial stages, minoxidil and Finasteride are a great cheap alternative to other non surgical treatments. You can try some home remedies to better the condition of your scalp and hair. High quality hair pieces can also provide you natural looking results. If you prefer cropped look, then scalp micropigmentation is more a temporary option than other treatments.

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