Humans tend to look for permanent solutions for everything. Even though most fixes are temporary in nature, we seem to have fixation with getting it all done once and for all. In most cases, success is not had in such pursuits of ours. This is especially true for most health related issues. However, there are certain exceptions to this reality. The good news for people with hair loss is that hair transplants are permanent and once they get their new hair, they will not be losing them in future. A bit of maintenance is all that is needed. Most people find it hard to believe but this is the fact. Once new hair have grown, they will not be lost like the natural hair. It is a surefire permanent solution.

To understand why this happens, there are certain aspects of hair loss and hair transplant procedures that we must understand.


What causes hair loss?

The most common reason behind hair fall is known as Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. It is a hereditary condition. A large population worldwide gets affected by it at some point in their lives. The occurrence of Androgenic Alopecia in men is greater than that in women.

It is caused by the presence of a male hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is present in men and in small quantities in women as well. The hair loss caused by it in men makes the hair line to recede and eventually causes almost full baldness. In women, it is a source of thinning of hair and cases of bald patches are rare.

So why hair are transplants permanent?

The hair for the purpose of transplantation are taken from the back and side of the head which are known as the donor sites. Even in people with almost complete baldness, the hair at the side and the back are still present. The reason for this is that they are resistant to the ill effects of DHT. Once these hair resistant to the cause of hair fall are transplanted, they continue to resist DHT at their new site as well. Thus the hair are permanent in nature and do not fall away even years after the transplant has been done.

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