All you need to know about Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

You have probably stumbled upon smp treatment in Dubai and are wondering what all this rage is about scalp micropigmentation treatment. In this article you will find a comprehensive guide on scalp micropigmentation treatment, how it works and what can you expect out of it.

The process

It is a process of adding pigments to your scalp in such a way that it looks like you have shaved your hair. It is a highly sensitive and technical procedure. Contrary to the popular belief, it shouldn’t be attempted via tattoo artists and require highly skilled expert with specific equipments. Shaved head appears like millions of small dots on your scalp and smp treatment in Dubai works to replicate the effect.


The results

Does it produce natural looking results? This is the question most individuals will have in their minds when thinking about scalp micropigmentation treatment. If you go with a highly skilled and experienced smp specialist, the results produced are realistic. The most important consideration when it comes to smp treatment is exact match of pigment and density with your natural hair. The second most important consideration is placement of the hairline.  A highly skilled professional will master these two concerns to produce realistic results.

The time it takes

Usually smp treatment in Dubai will take 6 to 10 hours split over a period of 3 to 4 sessions. The time varies from person to person depending upon the style and density required by the individual. It is important to discuss all your needs and concerns thoroughly with the expert. He/ she should fully understand what kind of results you are looking for and deliver accordingly. Pigmentation dots are layered over on another to gradually build up the color intensity.

What about fading?

With each subsequent dot, a tiny wound is created on the scalp. Skin scabs over the wound in order to heal itself. Pigment lies underneath the scab. As soon as scabs fall off, they take a part of pigment along with them and pigment fades away. This results in shrinking and fading of dots. That is why it is important to perform scalp micropigmentation treatment in Dubai over a couple of sessions in order to achieve desired shade and density. Your personal rate of fading won’t affect the finalized result but it can add or decrease number of sessions required.

Is it painful?

Not necessarily painful but this treatment definitely causes discomfort. Your scalp might remain a little numb or sensitive to touch after initial session of micropigmentation. However this phase passes quickly.


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