We really need to stop talking about hair loss guys. It is one of the first world problems. Well, let’s get few things straight before you dive into hair regrowth treatment in Dubai. Balding is no shame, so if anyone tells you anything different than that, ensure making them bald.

Few facts before going for a hair regrowth treatment in Dubai

  • About fifty percent of men will suffer from some sort of balding at one point in their lives. So, if you are feeling alone. You have bald buddies cheering you up.
  • Millions of men all around the world are losing their hair every day. So, be happy or sorry for their loss.
  • Being a teenager can save you from responsibility but not from losing hair. Hair loss can begin at any age.
  • The scariest fact of all is that you can lose about fifty percent of your hair before you begin noticing hair loss. So, by the time you wonder my head feels a little lighter; you have probably lost a lot of your hair.
  • But, by using hair regrowth treatment in Dubai, you can become rapunzel of real world (a little over exaggerated, it won’t happen but the condition of your hair will better for sure).
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Step by Step guide

  1. Go check yourself in the mirror. I mean literally go and examine your scalp hair from each and every angle. Go now.
  2. Earlier you catch it, the better it is. Look for signs of hair fall in your twens, even better in early teens or you can also catch it as soon as you arrive into this world (pun intended).
  3. Do your research regarding facts and fiction.
  4. Hats alone will not make you go bald; there are a million other factors that go into making of a bald version of yourself.

Who is responsible for making you the best/bald version of yourself?

Find these hair invaders and kill them


Yes DHT is responsible for your hair falling out. It will miniaturize the hair follicles and will make you go bald in no time.


Hair gels are your worst enemy. I know it’s hard to look presentable without them but it’s also fairly possible that you will go bald with them.

Visit a trichologist, specialist or the entire hair specialization industry, ask them about these expert things and let us know how appreciative are they regarding our outbursts of information.

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