05 Simple Steps to An Effective Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplant is the advance method to regain your hair in a natural way. Not only for those who have lost their hair or become bald but also for those who are suffering from the hair fall problem.

Hair defines our personality so we should be careful when it comes to dealing with hair. There are many hair transplant surgeries to give you a full head of hair but some just leave scars, pain, patches and take a lot of time for recovery. Right decision to get hair transplant is FUE hair transplant in Dubai. The results are permanent and it heals at a rapid speed as compared to other hair transplant surgeries.   


FUE hair transplant in Dubai gives natural and permanent results. It’s affordable for everyone and fulfills all your hair demands and wishes.

FUE Goals

  • High density of hair
  • Gives a youthful look
  • Permanent hairs
  • A scarless method in minimum time and quick recovery period

Quick recovery will only be possible if you carefully follow these 05 Simple Steps to An Effective hair transplant recovery:

#1 Take a break from the gym:

If you are fond of doing a workout every day, then it’s bad news for you that you have to avoid the gym, any activity that causes excessive sweating, steam rooms are prohibited and try not to expose your scalp to direct sunlight.

Because sweating can cause the risk of infection when you have open wounds after FUE hair transplant.

#2 Avoid spicy foods, smoking, and alcoholic drinks:

You have to quit smoking, avoid alcoholic beverages, blood thinners or aspirin-containing medicines and spicy food during your FUE hair transplant recovery period.

#3 Keep your hands off:

Avoid unnecessary touching like scratching to the areas of new hair grafts, don’t massage your scalp and be careful while combing your hair in the healing process.

#4 Listen to your doctor:

It is important that you should be concerned about your healing process after getting FUE hair transplant. If you really want to see the results of the hair transplant and want to recover as soon as possible, then you have to follow the instructions of your doctor. Take prescribed medicines and follow his instructions so that your healing process is quick and uneventful.

#5 Keep your head alleviated while sleeping:

You will have to sleep on two or more pillows to support your head or sleep in an upright position. The best option is to sleep on the relaxing/ rocking/ reclining chair so that your head will be in proper position while sleeping.


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