Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss in Older Women

Much like men, women too suffer from hair loss. The typical hair loss in women is thinning in the crown area. Hair loss in older women is greater than younger ones. Generally Androgenic Alopecia, a genetic condition, is to be blamed. Also known as female pattern baldness, hair loss due to this condition affects a majority of the women over the age of 65. This kind of hair loss needs support and is aided by a number of factors. There are certain factors that can cause hair loss on their own too. We shall discuss some of the factors causing hair loss in older women in the following lines.


Bad Diet

Not having the right diet can be a big issue for anyone’s follicular health but it is especially more problematic for the elderly. A balanced diet has good protein, good fats and good carbohydrates. Consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and chicken and fish allows a person to consume the right amount of much needed nutrients. Vitamins and minerals too are consumed with these foods.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss in elderly women. Women are four times more likely to lose hair due to Anemia than men which is a startling statistic. This issue can be overcome by consuming foods that are rich in iron and by taking iron supplements. Your doctor can guide you about the best option.


When thyroid hormone is underactive, it brings with it a host of issues. Lethargy, feeling tired, improper sleep, weight gain and hair loss are some of the results. Hair loss can be in form of thinning but in extreme cases, hair can fall out in chunks. It is important to correct this condition by seeing a doctor and taking the medications so that hair loss due to hypothyroidism does not take place.


Diabetes can in certain cases aid to hair loss. Women that have Type 2 Diabetes and hormonal imbalance may suffer from hair loss.


There are certain medications that can cause hair loss. A number of blood thinning medications are associated with hair loss. Cancer patients undergo chemotherapy and hair loss is one of the side effects of these medications. Some gout medications too have been associated with hair loss in older women.

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