Non-surgical hair loss treatment – Scalp micro pigmentation

The acronym SMP stands for Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment in Dubai. SMP may be a medical grade application technique of depositing pigment (color) into the deep layer of the cuticle skin on the scalp. This system permits the replication of hair follicles within the scalp, which provides the look of getting a “buzz cut” or recently whiskerless head. The SMP technique can be used for men and ladies of all ages, skin types, complexion and numerous degrees of hairless, cutting hair, alopecia, and camouflaging scars or to feature hair density to thin hair.


The quickest growing hair loss answer technique in recent history, scalp micro pigmentation. Though SMP is beyond any doubt the foremost exciting development from the hair loss business for several years, there’s plenty of false and deceptive info around. Some suppliers are already proving themselves to be much better than others, but even the most effective organizations and most knowledgeable technicians will (and do) build mistakes.

Unique edges of the SMP technique are:

  • Treatment session is done in hourspermitting you to conduct day to day activities
  • Thereisn’t any real healing time
  • Looksutterly natural
  • Permanent
  • Can be appliedeven if you have got no hair at all.
  • Canwork for shorter

Why would I need one?
While there’s hope for men suffering hair loss there are very few solutions for men with no hair. Scalp micro pigmentation treatment in Dubai offers you the looks of some hair and an approximation of a hairline .It may be used to benefit to camouflage transplant scars or to shade tiny areas wherever hair is reducing to form hair seem denser too. It’s conjointly a decent choice for men who are suffering from hair loss.


What will it involve?
Scalp pigmentation treatment in Dubai doesn’t penetrate in the skin as deeply as generally tattooing does, and also the color will be matched to your own hair color and skin tone. In contrast to tattoo ink, it conjointly retains its color – thus you’re not about to embark with black dots and find yourself a redhead 10 years later.
The professional can agree an acceptable hairline with you, supported your previous one and face form. Then, they’ll add many little dots over your scalp. A sitting generally lasts around 3 hours, and if the full head is being treated many could also be needed.
The treatment is permanent, however it will be adjusted (and in some cases reversed). And don’t worry concerning going gray – if the remainder of your hair will, the treatment will be touched up to match.


Does it hurt?
It hurts but having a tattoo, and a lot less than a hair transplant. Anesthesia are offered to numb the scalp, though men grit their teeth and manage while not.

The cost of your scalp micro pigmentation treatment in Dubai can vary counting on the kind of clinic you select, and also the country where the clinic is located.
Smaller shop clinics tend to charge less, and freelance technicians charge even less than that. Forever bear in mind that worth is vital, do your analysis and use the price of treatment as a part of the equation, not the leader in your process.  Sessions are needed each 3-5 years.

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