Male Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Hair loss is a common issue in Dubai. New arrivals in the UAE, and especially Dubai, frequently complain of sudden hair loss within first few months of arrival, and mostly they blame desalinated water for this. While desalinated water can be the root cause of many hair woes, doctors believe that it cannot cause the hair to fall out. It can dry out the skin and scalp and may cause the hair to become dry and brittle, prone to breakage, but it rarely damages the roots.


This should not mean that complain of unusual hair loss in Dubai is baseless. There are numerous other factors that trigger hair loss in people coming to Arabian Gulf countries. These include low levels of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and ferritin, levels, high stress, humidity, air conditioning, poor diet and dehydration, as most emigrants don’t drink enough when they move here. Chlorine, present in desalinated water, is another culprit that can cause hair loss.

Whatever the reason may be behind unusual hair loss in UAE, you can always control and reverse the damage with male hair loss treatment in Dubai. Mild to moderate hair loss can be effectively treated with anti-hair loss medicines; however, permanent hair loss with prominent bald patches can be cured with hair transplant surgery.


Medicines are multipurpose in treating hair loss issues. Some of them work great for delaying hair fall process while others, besides helping hair follicles to retain hair for a longer time period, also work to regrow hair. Two most commonly used medicines are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxodil is a topical solution which stops hair loss and regrows hair. It is available over-the-counter and treats male and female pattern baldness. Finasteride is also FDA-approved drug. It is used to treat male pattern baldness. It is not recommended for women as it can adversely affect their ability to conceive.

Medical hair restoration is losing its popularity as more and more hair loss patients prefer surgical hair restoration over medicines. Hair transplant has a definite edge over drugs because it is a permanent solution for hair loss while medicines only work temporarily. You need to continue their use for the rest of your life if you want to maintain their results.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant used for male hair loss treatment in Dubai is a unique treatment in a sense that it is the only permanent cure available for hair loss issues. It is a minimally invasive surgery which shifts your hair density from an area of thick hair growth to an area where hair growth is required. Area which donates hair follicles is called donor site and the area which receives hair follicles is called recipient site. Usually, back and sides of the scalp serve as donor site while the recipient site may be hairline, crown of head or elsewhere on the body.

Hair transplant is a onetime surgery that gives you hair for the rest of your life. As the surgery uses DHT resistant hair follicles so, the transplanted hair follicles do not go bald and your treated area never become hairless again.

Hair transplant is a surgery and so, it offers all usual side effects of a surgery however, since it is a minimally invasive surgery so, it causes only temporary side effects in their mildest form. These side effects include swelling, itching and bleeding from the treated area, scab formation and temporary shock loss. All of these side effects are temporary and disappear soon.

Drugs and hair transplant are the most widely used male hair loss treatments in Dubai. These treatments are sometimes used simultaneously. You can choose the treatment which fulfills your needs the best; surgery if you want to have a permanent treatment and medicines if you find a temporary treatment good for you.


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