Hair loss is very common in both men and women. While the only real solution for extensive hair loss is a hair transplant surgery, much can be done to avoid such a situation by stopping or at least slowing down the thinning process. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use products that add health to the hair follicles. In the following lines, we shall discuss some products that can be more than useful in achieving this desired goal.


1. Minoxidil

It is an over the counter solution that comes in 2% and 5% options. It can be applied to the scalp for the purpose of stemming the flow of hair loss. It is extremely effective in stopping hair loss and in some cases, can cause regrowth of lost hair as well. Minoxidil must be used over a long period of time to maintain its effectiveness. There are certain side effects that are associated with it so it is ideal that you consult your doctor before using it.

2. Hair Loss Shampoos

These shampoos are filled with fantastic ingredients including Vitamins and minerals for hair along with amino acids and essential oils. The main feature of these shampoos is their anti-DHT properties. By countering DHT, they take away the real reason behind hair loss and boost follicular health.

3. Herbal Products

There are quite a few herbal products available to help fight hair loss. Most of these have been derived from the traditional Chinese medicine which seems to be working really well for most people.

4. Finasteride

These are oral drugs that not only stop hair loss but also are able to restore hair in most cases. Like minoxidil, they too need to be used permanently for the good results to stay in place. Finasteride must be prescribed by a healthcare practitioner. It does possess side effects some of which are rather serious so make sure that you share your complete medical history with the doctor before getting the medication.

5. Vitamins

There are vitamin supplements available in the pharmacies that boost follicular health and help in fighting hair loss. Be sure to choose a product that has Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin K, Vitamin B Complex and Zinc in it as these are extremely important for hair. Additional natural nutrients are more than welcome. Just be sure that there are no artificial additives in the supplement.

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