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Hair Loss is a quite common condition that affects millions of men and women across the globe. It not only changes the sufferer’s physical appearance but also shakes his or her self-esteem, affecting their personal as well as social life. Millions of people opt for hair transplant surgery every year to get rid of hair thinning and baldness. But there are many who just don’t like going under the knife and decide to live with a balding scalp.

If you are also a victim of hair loss and are not a great fan of surgeries, don’t succumb to the condition like many others, as we have a really effective, non-invasive hair loss solution for you. Yes, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic takes great pride in informing its clients that for the first time in Dubai we are offering ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy. To know about the procedure, continue reading.


What is ACell/PRP Therapy?

ACell/PRP Therapy uses a mixture of ACell’s MatriStem system and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to trigger hair regeneration and regrowth even in the areas of the scalp that have gone completely bald. ACell’s MatriStem system is a biomatrix that has got US Food and Drug Administration’s approval for wound healing. Considering its ability to repair and remodel damaged skin tissues, Hair Transplant surgeons from around the world are using it strengthen and enlarge miniaturized hair follicles. Platelet Rich Plasma, on the other hand is obtained from the patient’s own blood. It contains a high concentration of growth factors.

Treatment Cost Cost Calculator
Required Time 90 Minutes for Each Session
Anethesia General Anethesia
Recovery Time 24 Hours
Success Rate Very High

How ACell/PRP therapy works?

ACell’s MatriStem system is mixed with the Platelet Rich Plasma and is injected directly into the entire scalp, focusing on the areas showing baldness signs. ACell works by activating the adult stem cells whereas PRP stimulates localized cell growth. It is a simple procedure performed on outpatient basis and takes anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes for its completion. Once the treatment is complete, you are free to go back home/office and resume your routine tasks.



Recovering from ACell/PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Since the treatment does not involve any cutting or stitching of skin, recovery process is mostly smooth and uneventful. Expect your scalp to feel a little sore for a day or two – courtesy a series of injections administered. Slight swelling and bruising at injection sites is also quite common and normal. Apply cold compressions to counter any swelling or bruising on the scalp. However, avoid washing your scalp for at least one day.

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If you are interested in getting ACell PRP therapy treatment in Dubai and want to know more detail about procedure and PRP treatment cost in Dubai then contact Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic now and get the procedure done by our highly skilled, internationally recognized surgeons. If you have any queries, fill our free online consultation form below and get experts’ advice.

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Preferred Location
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