Hair loss treatment options in Dubai

Many effective treatments for treating hair loss are available. Multiple treatments are suited for multiple types of hair loss. Ranging from surgical hair transplants to topical treatments, there is something for everyone to cure their particular type of hair loss. Some of the most common hair loss treatment in Dubai includes laser hair therapy, medications, prp treatments, ACell therapy, wigs and hair extensions. The end goal of every single treatment is to promote hair growth and get rid of baldness and thinning hair. Some of the treatments are mentioned below.


If your hair loss is triggered as a result of any disease, the underlying cause has to be treated first. If it is due to any immune system disorder, then anti inflammatory medicines might be prescribed by the doctor to reduce inflammation. If it is due to any hormonal imbalance, the doctor may lower or change the dosage of the medications all together. Two medications which are regarded as the best hair loss treatment in Dubai are minoxidil commonly known as Rogaine and Finasteride commonly known as propecia.


Minoxidil or Rogaine

It is available over the counter. It is in liquid for which you can easily apply on your scalp twice a day. This will not only promote new hair growth but will also prevent existing hairs from falling off. It takes at least six months for minoxidil to how results. According to a research, people who used minoxidil for a period of six months showed about 60 percent improvement in hair growth. Some side effects of Rogaine include scalp irritation and unwanted hair growth of face and hands.

Finasteride or propecia

This is a prescription drug which is usually subscribed to men only. It is taken orally. Many men have seen significant results after using Finasteride in the earlier stages of hair loss. Women are mostly asked to avoid Finasteride.

Hair transplant surgery

It is the most effective method for treating hair loss. It is the only permanent and natural looking solution to cure baldness. The main principle behind hair transplant procedures is same. Hair is extracted either individually or in the form of a strip from the donor area (usually sides and back of the scalp) and implanted into the recipient’s area (bald regions). The two main types of hair transplant methods used today include FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants. Apart from these procedures stem cell FUE hair transplant and robotic FUE hair transplant is also used. They are not only useful for treating baldness but are equally beneficial for beard and eyebrow hair transplants.

Wigs and hair pieces

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for hair transplant and not everyone is suitable for non surgical hair loss treatment in Dubai. For these individuals, hair pieces, hair extensions and wigs are regarded as the ultimate solution. The advantage of wigs and hair pieces is that they provide dramatic results instantly. You can customize the hair piece to your liking by choosing the hair cut, style and color.

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