Hair Loss – Symptoms and Causes

The growth and shedding of each hair happens in cycle. Hair grows rests and then falls out. This process repeats yearly. Ninety percent of a person’s scalp hair is growing and this phase lasts for almost six years while the rest ten percent hair is resting and resting stage lasts for almost three months. This resting phase ends in the shedding of hair. Normal hair shedding is fifty to hundred hairs per day. After the shedding of hair the other hair replaces it. It is normal to shed about fifty hairs a day but losing a large amount of hair is the indication of a serious problem.


Symptoms or Signs of Hair Loss

Thinning: Thinning hair is a common symptom of hair loss. Lacks of blood flow, stress or reaction to some medication are some causes of thinning.

Missing Patches: Sometimes hairs shed from certain spots and create patches of missing hairs.

Shedding: Hairs that are constantly shedding even without touching, combing and brushing is a serious symptom of hair loss. Child birth, lack of diet nutrients and poor blood circulation to the scalp are its causes.

Causes of Hair Loss

Genetics is one of the most frequent causes of hair loss or baldness. A history of paternal or maternal baldness increases the risk of baldness.

Deficiency of Protein
Deficiency of protein causes hair loss and unhealthy hair. Protein in every day diet is very much essential for growth of healthy hair. Everyone should include a proper amount of protein for normal hair growth. Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, grains, nuts and dried beans are a good source of protein.

Child Birth
Child birth is also a cause of hair loss. During pregnancy the hairs grow normally but after child birth many hair enter in the process of resting and ending in shedding of hair. The hairs in resting process fall within three months after delivery.

Major Surgery or High Fever
Different medical conditions like major surgery, infection or high fever also contribute to hair loss. Many people experience hair loss after high fever, serious infection and some kind of major surgery. Excessive stress is also a significant reason. These conditions correct after some days but in some cases treatment is also needed.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer treatment drugs also cause hair loss because most of the cancer treating drugs stops hair cells from dividing. In some cases the patient loses all hair but the hairs re-grow soon after stopping the treatment.

Other Causes
Iron deficiency, birth control pills, medication and thyroid disease can also cause hair loss.

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