Even though a celebrity is known for his or her core competencies, the masses that follow them also expect them to look wow. Actors and actresses around the globe spend fortunes on looking good and maintaining their charm and charisma. There are many cosmetic procedures that they regularly undergo to maintain their looks.

The greatest issue that most male celebs in particular suffer from is hair loss. A similar predicament was recently faced by two time Oscar winner Sean Penn who was going through thinning in the frontal areas as well as the crown area.


Sean’s acting skills are certainly second to none and he has pulled off some of the most amazing roles in recent years. His performance in Mystic River and I Am Sam were truly breathtaking.However, for someone who takes the center stage in every movie that he does, Penn has to maintain his good looks too.

In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about his hair loss and sudden regrowth of hair. Some feel that it is a hair restoration system that is being used while others feel that it is a hair transplant procedure. There is no definitive word on what may have transpired.

Sean Penn hair transplant surgeryThe actor has not said anything on the matter. It is a common practice the top celebs never accept if they have undergone hair restoration. In fact, most even refuse to discuss the matter altogether. The trend is changing but it is a slow process. The masses too are not more understanding of the fact that the celebrities too are human and they have similar issues like all of us.

Whether or not Penn got a hair transplant, it is quite brilliant how well he has maintained himself even at the age of 55. The looks for someone like him are a secondary matter and his acting should always be the focus.

If hair loss is a problem for you and you want to weigh your options in this regard, you should see a hair transplant surgeon. Many people lose their confidence has hair loss takes place. If you are affected by the problem, it is time to take charge.

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