If you have watched Ellen and Seinfeld shows, you must be familiar with the name of Jeremy Piven, the 49-year-old Manhattan-born American actor and producer. But in this article we are not going to discuss Piven’s Hollywood career or the Piven Theater Workshop, which was founded by Jeremy’s parents. This time the real life Benjamin Button is making headlines for his new look, which is making him look decades younger than his actual age.


Why did Jeremy go for a hair transplant?

Jeremy started losing hair when he was quite young, during his 20s, and by the time he crossed mid 30s, his frontal part of the head was almost bald. The only way of keeping his career alive was to get rid of the elderly looks that his bald head was enforcing on him. The stylish American actor has had FUT hair transplant, also known as strip method transplant, to restore his youthful looks. The pain and money spent paid back quickly as he got the role of alluring
Ari Gold in Entourage.

What is FUT hair transplant?

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is one of the two most commonly performed hair transplant techniques. A strip from the donor area of the individual is removed to get the follicular units to be transplanted to the balding areas. Site is prepared for transplantation before implanting the follicular units, which later on start growing like other natural hair of the individual.

Did Jeremy actually have hair transplant?

While it is yet to be confirmed whether the Manhattan-born American actor has actually had hair transplant surgery or not, the before and after picture of the Jeremy reveal the truth loudly. Furthermore, the Seinfeld star was also spotted with a wide scar on the back side of his hair while swimming, a scar that is mostly found on the FUT hair transplant patients after the surgery.

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