Many celebrities gain tons of fame not just because of their skills only but also due to their good looks. Male celebrities in particular pay special attention to their appearance and its every aspect to ensure that they are well liked. One such name that comes to mind is Charlie Sheen.

Born as Carlos Irwin Estevez, Sheen started of his career with movies and made his name with movies such as Hot Shots, Young Guns and Wall Street. Later on he shifted his focus to Television where he has worked in super hit programs such as Spin City and Two and a Half Men. His rather colorful private life over the years also kept him in the news during much of his career.


In some recent clicks, it appears that Charlie Sheen has lost some hair at the frontal area of the scalp. Actors are just normal humans and it is quite natural for them to lose hair. However, it is a big no no for someone who has the persona Charlie has.

The 49-year-old seems to be at a Scale of 3 at Norwood Scale. Class 3 is the minimum requirement for a person to undergo a hair transplant and it is something that Charlie Sheen must look into. A timely intervention along with prevention for future hair loss should be the way forward. He will also have to ensure that there is no substance abuse to maintain his looks anyway which he has been accused of in the past.

Many celebrities have undergone hair transplants in recent times and some have even made the events public. The list includes Johnny Depp, Bono, Sylvester Stallone, Will Ferrell and Brendan Fraser amongst others.

The actor is expected to make one last appearance on the Series Finale of Two and a Half Men, a show which he worked for in several seasons and left after a very public spat with the Executives of the network. One can never know that Charlie may spring a surprise with his look.

If hair loss like Charlie Sheen is a problem for you, getting hair restoration is a good option. There are many procedures to choose from and each has plenty of advantages. Take action now to have permanent hair with the help of a hair transplant surgery.

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