For those suffering from the annoyance of having hair loss they may have question that they Suffer Hair Transplant because of Smoking, hair transplant surgeries are nothing short of a blessing. They allow the person to not only get their locks back but also a lot of confidence with them. It is generally a year before the full results can be enjoyed by the person. The results surely make the wait worthwhile. Like other places around the globe, there has been a massive upsurge in the demand of hair transplants in Dubai in recent times.

While the results make everyone happy, there are certain directives that one must adhere to in order to have a successful hair transplant. On the top of the list is smoking. It needs to be let go off a couple of weeks before the transplant and the patient must continue to abstain from smoking for another couple of weeks after the procedure.


General Ill Effects of Smoking

Smoking in general is a big health risk. It is associated with stroke, a number of heart diseases and lungs cancer. It also increases the risk of a number of other grave illnesses. The odor is causes is surely an annoyance for nonsmokers.

types of hair loss in menSmoking and Hair:

Suffer Hair Transplant because of Smoking ?

Hair and skin too suffer badly at the hands of smoking. Some studies have shown that there is a clear connection between hair loss and smoking. It appears that smoking acts as aid to Androgenic Alopecia.

The main affect that smoking has on the hair is that is reduces the amount of oxygen carried by the blood. Due to this, the scalp is unable to receive the required nutrients and follicles become unhealthy. The top layers of the hair are damaged and become brittle which can lead to them prematurely break.

Can it Affect a Hair Transplant?

The transplant patient is told to give up smoking for about a month so that the time, effort and money put in the hair transplant do not end up in smoke. Once the hair transplant has been done, the newly transplanted hair follicles need good nutrition to survive in their new location. Conditions that are not conducive to their development will likely damage their growth and thus have ill effects on the transplant in general.

Smoking as we know deprives the blood of enough oxygen. In case of a person continuing smoking around or after the transplant, this can weaken the follicles and may cause a substantial number to never grow. Smoking can also cause bleeding during the procedure due presence of nicotine in the system.

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