Great Food Options for your Follicular Health

It’s an old saying that we are what we eat. It does hold some water since what we consume does have an impact on our overall health and functionality of our body. For people going through hair thinning or expect to go through it due to genetic predisposition, it is best that diets that boost follicular health are consumed. This may not stop the hair loss altogether but can great delay it and slow it down. We shall look at some of important aspects of diet that should be kept in mind.


Balanced Diet

It is important to have a balanced diet in order to have good health in general and follicular health in particular. There are many important nutrients that one must have in food to ensure that hair do not get damaged. Avoiding too much fat is also important since fat has adverse effects on the hair.

Fish, Eggs & Some More (Protein)

Protein is the basic building block of the human body. It needs to be consumed in required quantities in order to ensure that a person remains healthy. It can be had from fish, eggs, chicken, beans, red meat, low fat cheese and nuts. It is also present in Tofu and in Soy Milk in significant amounts.

Raisins (Iron)

You might be tempted to eat too much of liver to meet iron deficiency but using raisins as a snack is a pretty good idea too. Leafy vegies, eggs and dates along with whole grain cereals all offer iron. It is important to our hair since it helps in the making of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin helps in carrying the oxygen in the body as well as to the scalp.

Bean Sprouts (Silica)

This may sound odd but our body does need silica as well. Good sources include skin of cucumbers, potatoes, green peppers and bean sprouts. It helps the body with absorption of vitamins and minerals which are extremely important for the follicular health.

Sea Food (Zinc)

Zinc plays an important part in many body functions including hormonal balance and cell reproduction.  It also manages the glands that are attached to the follicles. A deficiency will eventually leave the follicles weak. It can be had through a variety of sea foods, poultry and red meat. It is not a bad idea to consume zinc via food instead of opting to take supplements.

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