Early Signs of Balding

The scalp hair is important for all of us and no loss is bigger than the hair loss. The hair restoration surgeons now use hair loss treatment in Dubai to fix it. Similarly, the bald spots in the scalp can regrow hair by undergoing the hair transplant in Dubai. One can avoid these issues by knowing these initial signs of baldness. This blog post discusses the early signs of balding.

This topic is for you if you are a victim of abnormal hair loss.

Hair Thinning Leads to Baldness

It often happens that your pillow was clean when you went to the bed but it had many hairs when you got up. The human scalp is not just an ordinary piece of skin. It never sleeps and different processes take place inside your scalp.

The scalp hair goes through changes every single day. Some weak hair falls daily and new hairs take their place. New hair does not grow back if the person is not taking care of the hair. This abnormal hair loss leads to hair thinning that is a precursor of baldness.

Notable Early Signs of Balding

If you have a good hair volume, you will not lose all of your hair in one day. The continued abnormal hair loss first causes hair thinning which turns into baldness after some time.

  • You have notable thinning of the hair
  • You have a significant change in the hairline
  • You have abnormal hair loss after brushing and showering



Stopping the Balding Problem

The latest hair restoration procedures have made it quite easy to get regrow hair at bald areas naturally. If you lose more than 100 hairs or about 100 hairs a day, you are at risk of developing hair thinning and baldness.

At this stage, you are required to undergo a hair loss treatment in Dubai to keep the existing hair and to trigger the hair growth. On the other hand, consider our latest hair transplant in Dubai for bald spots in your scalp.

Ready to Get Back Your Hair?

In essence, this hair transplant in Dubai is the way forward if you want to avoid baldness. If you want to have this procedure, you might have questions in your mind. The best way to get answers to your questions is to speak to a doctor specializing in this procedure.

So get in touch with us now and book your exclusive consultation session with one of our experts.

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