Cosmetic Procedures for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be countered in a number of ways. The best option is to deal with it before it even starts. However, once it starts taking place, there are numerous options that a person can exercise in order to make hair look better and fuller.

Most of these cosmetic procedures are temporary. Hair transplants are the only permanent solution in this category. We shall look into the various cosmetic fixes that a person can bring to use to deal with hair loss.


Hair Sprays

There are certain sprays that are available in order to make the hair look thicker. These often go about the task by adding texture to the hair. These generally last a few days and usually can resist perspiration.

Cosmetic Powder

These are used to give a thicker look to the hair. The powder is applied to the area where thinning has taken place. It nicely camouflages bald patches by thickening up the thin hair and covering the skin to match the color of the hair.


There are creams that can be applied by hand in order to match the color of the hair and the scalp to give a look of thicker hair on the scalp. These can last a few days on the scalp once applied.

Micro Fiber Hair  

These are synthetic hair that are very similar to natural hair. These can be applied to the scalp in the area where thinning has taken place. They look quite natural.

Hair Restoration Systems

These are the modern day wigs though they look totally natural and are made in a much more sophisticated manner. Real hair are put on an artificial breathable scalp. These are made to order for each individual to ensure that it looks natural and blends in nicely. They are then fixed on the scalp. These generally last for two years though there are some newer systems that claim that they can last up to five years. Regular maintenance is needed and adjustment is needed every few months.

Hair Transplants

These fall under the category of cosmetic surgery. These are a number of options available for hair transplants and all offer varying results. The hair though are permanent in this case and once they grow to full length in about one year’s time, they stay for good. It is the best option since it provides with the freedom of getting rid of hair loss altogether.

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