Can Scalp Massage Damage a Transplant?

Hair transplants have been used for decades to restore natural hair on the scalp. Patients suffering from pattern baldness have significantly benefited from this surgical treatment. Although most patients enjoy exceptional results, it provides optimum results, particularly to those who follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions. If anyone wants to keep the grafts undamaged after a hair transplant in Dubai, they must follow the surgeon’s guidelines. The newly grafted follicles need to settle in their transplanted locations. But by being careless, we can damage them at this point. So, a little care can go a long way in growing healthy and luscious locks.

Some everyday habits to help the scalp stay healthy are not allowed for the first few days after the transplant. For instance, massaging is an excellent way to maintain a healthy blood flow in the scalp. However, right after the transplant, it can have a damaging impact. But does it need to be stopped in the long run as well? Below, we have tried to answer the most asked question that if a scalp massage damages a hair transplant results.


Postoperative Care for a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant post-operative care is crucial if patients want to achieve desired results. After a hair transplant in Dubai, the surgeon provides some post-op guidelines to the patients. These guidelines are different for each patient depending on their requirements. However, some general post-op instructions for hair transplant patients are as follows:

  • Avoid scratching the scalp.
  • Be gentle with the transplanted grafts.
  • Do not itch the transplanted region rigorously.
  • Take the prescribed medications regularly.
  • Gently wash the scalp with a mild shampoo.
  • Do not massage the scalp for at least 10 days after a transplant.

Following all the surgeon’s instructions will help recover smoothly and quickly from a hair transplant surgery.

Scalp Massage after a Hair Transplant

Generally, a scalp massage is considered good for a healthy scalp. However, massaging the scalp immediately after a hair transplant is not recommended. The reason is that it can damage the recently transplanted hair grafts, ultimately ruining the outcome.

It is also essential to see how the healing of the wounds is taking place. It is crucial not to massage wounds that have not adequately healed. Patients should not unnecessarily touch the scalp, let alone massage, at least until the scabs fall off.

When to start massaging after a hair transplant?

According to experts, patients should avoid any rigorous activities, including scalp massages, for at least 10 days after the transplant. If patients massage before this period, they will likely damage the follicles. As a result, the outcome of the hair transplant in Dubai will completely change.

Generally, it is advised that they start with very gentle massaging after 10 days. Moreover, a light massage while shampooing is fine. After a few weeks have passed, patients can resume massaging as usual, as it will not damage their hair. It does not take more than a month for the transplanted grafts to take roots in their new location. So, patients can easily resume regular massages after about a month.

Signs of a Problem

As far as scalp massage problems are concerned, there shouldn’t be any if patients follow the surgeon’s guidelines. Generally, it takes at least a month before the follicles become securely anchored to the scalp. If patients are careful during this period, there is a significantly less chance of any complications afterward.

However, if a patient does not follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions, there will be problems. For instance, if they perform a scalp massage before the 10-day target, it might cause bleeding. So, if blood comes out of the surgery wounds during a massage, it is undoubtedly a sign of trouble. Patients must immediately stop massaging their hair. It can be a sign of massaging the scalp earlier than they should have.

If this happens, patients must get in touch with their surgeon to discuss the matter to avoid any severe complications.


The surgeons who perform a hair transplant in Dubai promise exceptional results. However, the results will be more optimum if the patient follows the post-op instructions religiously. An expert hair transplant surgeon provides custom post-op guidelines to every patient, depending on their requirements. One general post-op instruction is to avoid massaging the scalp at least for 10 days after the transplant. So, if patients want to save their newly transplanted hair follicles from any damage, they should stick to the surgeon’s instructions.

Although an expert surgeon will provide the guidelines, it is the patient’s responsibility to follow them. Because only by following the instructions can they get their desired results. Otherwise, they may lose the hair follicles and also develop other complications.

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