Can Scalp Massage Damage a Transplant?

When a person gets a hair transplant, it is crucial that he or she follows each and every bit of advice from the surgeon to the letter. The newly grafted follicles need to settle in their transplanted locations and being careless can damage them at this point in time. A little care can go a long way in bring you those strong and luscious locks.

Some of the normal steps that help your scalp in staying healthy are also not allowed for the first few days after a hair transplant. Massaging is an excellent way to keep the flow of blood better in the scalp. However, right after the transplant, it can have a damaging impact. But does it need to be stopped in the longer run as well? Here is a look into the matter.


Postoperative Care

Resting, taking prescribed medications and following all the steps that the surgeon has recommended will help you in recovering from a hair transplant surgery. Be particularly gentle with itching. Doing so rigorously can damage the follicles particularly until the scabs have come off.

Massaging Scalp after Hair Transplant

Massaging the scalp right after the transplant is a big no no. This can damage the recently transplanted grafts. Light massaging can be started in about ten days or so. While shampooing, light massage is fine. Once a few weeks have gone by, you can resume massaging as per normal as it will not damage your hair.

It is also important to see how the healing of the wounds is taking place. It is crucial to not massage wounds that have not properly healed. Generally it is advised that very gentle massaging is done after two weeks and regular massaging can be started at the end of the first month of the procedure.

Signs of a Problem

If you have blood coming out of the wounds from the surgery during a massage, it is certainly a sign of trouble and you should stop massaging your hair right away. It can be a sign of you massaging the scalp earlier than you should. Make sure that you get in touch with your surgeon to discuss the matter to ensure that no ill effects have taken place.

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