6 considerations before getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment

If you wish to undergo Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Dubai, one must consider all the factors associated with the transplant. The quest for best scalpmicropigmentation clinic is a highly subjective topic. One clinic and scalpmicropigmentation expert might be ideal for one individual while the other one might not be suitable for the other. It is a very personal choice and experience. However, there is a list of six considerations that will help you in making the decision regarding the ideal scalp micropigmentation clinic. These six considerations include experience, results, transparency, customer service, location and cost. Let’s have a detailed look at these factors:



It is a critical one. Consider the fact that for how long, a particular clinic has been performing scalp micropigmentation treatment in Dubai. You can ask the professionals at clinic directly and do some research on your own.  Whether you want this treatment done for you entire scalp or want to conceal some scars using scalp micropigmentation treatment, it is important to know whether the clinic has a relevant experience or not.


While researching the ideal choice for getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment, you must look for three concerns:

  • Consider the quality of overall treatment. Consider blending, size of pigment deposits and replication of natural hair.
  • Ask for before and after pictures of various patients. Look out if there are any tricks involved in the photograph.
  • Check the skin characteristics of the patient. The skin of a black person is very different from tan and fair skin. Check on which type of skin, they generally perform scalp micropigmentation treatment.


Check if they are willing to share the truth and willing to be open and honest in regards to the results of Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Dubai. A clinic or a professional willing to show transparency will give you an honest opinion on what you can and cannot achieve.

Customer service of the clinic

What kind of customer service do they provide? It is one parameter which says a lot about a hair clinic. Do they answer your queries and phone calls on time? Do they treat you with respect and compassion? These factors will determine whether the clinic is the right choice for getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment or not.

Location of the clinic

The location of the clinic determines the cost of the overall surgery and the facilities provided.  If the hair industry has progressed in your area and you have the best surgeons, skilled doctors are available locally, then there is no need to go abroad. The cost of scalpmicropigmentation treatment abroad can definitely add up to the expenses.  The scalpmicropigmentation treatments along with hair transplant treatments are generally affordable in Dubai. They have the best experts from all around the world and generally have years of experience over clients from all around the world.

Preferred Location

Preferred Location