5 Hairstyles for Balding Men

Hair loss is an inevitable part of getting older. There are different types and patterns of hair loss ranging from receded hairline to balding crown to a complete bald thatch. And, the causes can also vary significantly from person to person, but the impact remains the same for one and all – unappealing personality and a shattered self-confidence.  But the good news is there are still some really inexpensive and easy ways to counter this nightmarish problem. One easy way to wear a balding head confidently is with the right hairstyle that could camouflage, or at least minimize the effect of hair thinning.

Here we’ll share with you 5 hairstyles for balding men that will effectively conceal thinning areas and bald spots, adding a graceful look to your personality.



If you have just started receding hairline, shag may be the ideal hairstyle for you. Wearing short hair will just enhance the hairline recession. If you wish to camouflage it, grow your hair a little long and then get layers in the frontal hairs and let them fall on the forehead. Also known as shaggy cut, it involves a little long layers at the front and medium layers at the back. To prevent the frontal shags from weighing down, apply a lightweight styling cream to damp hairs and mess them up. This will effectively help camouflage hairline recession.

Slicked Back:

This hairstyle is most suitable for those who have bald spots near the rear of the head. If you have relatively thick hair at the front and top of scalp, with a few bald spots at the back of the head, a slicked back hairstyle may offer the best camouflage. Grow the hair at front long enough to cover any bald spots at the back. Use gel to secure the hair. It’ll also add some volume to your thinning hair.

Short And Spiked:

If have uneven hair thinning all over the head, consider styling your hairs in short and spiked style. Ask your stylist to trim the hair over the entire scalp and give them an edgy and spiky look at the top. This hairstyle adds space between your locks, thus diverting attention from the uneven bare spots on your head. Yet again, they key to wearing this style is the use of right hair products. Apply a small amount of gel to your hair so that the spikes do not drop and the head appears to be thicker and fuller.

Buzz Cut:

If you have just started losing hairs but they have caused significant hair thinning over the entire scalp, get a buzz get and make hair loss appear less visible. It is a versatile hairstyle that goes with almost every age, event and attire. The best thing about a Buzz Cut is that it is extremely low maintenance and can be styled even without a comb. However, make sure you wear a thicker mane at the top and short, thin sides.

Clean Shave:

The best way to camouflage advanced hair loss is to shave the entire head. If you have lost more than 50% then going completely bald is your best bet. It needs a significant amount of confidence to wear a fully bald head, so make sure you have that much confidence before getting your thatch shaved.

All these hairstyles are for different levels of baldness. Figure out your extent of baldness and choose any of these styles to counter its effect.

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