5 Facts About Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss starts with the signs of hair thinning and then, in the end, it causes complete hair loss. If you see your hairs on the pillow, in the tub or while taking shower, on the comb, then these are the symptoms of the extreme hair loss.

Hair loss begins to show itself, at the temples, crown and then it begins to shape an M-shaped pattern, in men. In the most advanced stage, hair will only stay on the back side and on both sides of the head. Remaining hair will be fallen out due to extreme hair loss.

Women also have to suffer hair loss, but they can hide it by different ways but men can’t hide their hair fall. The most affected areas in women due to hair loss is the top of the head and it seems to form a pattern mimicking “Christmas tree”.


For those who are suffering from hereditary hair loss and researching the home remedies, homeopathic cures, and aliphatic medicines, then they don’t need to waste their time and go for an effective hair loss treatment in Abu Dhabi. Because hereditary hair loss can’t be cured by anything except by hair transplant.

If you want to permanently cure your hereditary hair loss, then consult an authentic clinic for it i.e. Hair Loss treatment in Abu Dhabi. They have best hair transplant techniques and their professional, skilled, experienced surgeons will perform the hair transplant procedures, to give you the best and satisfying results.

Causes of Hair Fall:

  • Unhealthy food like intake of insufficient vitamins, iron, sulfur.
  • Improper sleep like sleeping hours is less than 8 hours.
  • Unexpected or sudden weight loss
  • Physical trauma like high fever, weakness etc.
  • Experienced an operation
  • Birth control pills
  • Chemotherapy, for the Cancer patients
  • Use to tie hair tightly like tight ponytails, braids.
  • Menstruation, menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Drugs like smoking etc.
  • Medical disorder like Thyroid / Hypothyroidism
  • Lupus
  • Iron deficiency/ Anaemia
  • Hormonal disproportion, imbalance
  • Scalp Disorders/ problems like infections, ringworms etc.
  • Excessive styling like to dye hair with permanent hair color.
  • Stress due to any stressful, tensed situation or event like the death of any beloved one etc.
  • Using heating tools like curlers, straighter, blow dryer.

These are the causes of the hair loss, but if hair loss problem is running in your family like your uncles, father, mother, grandfather etc. are also suffering from it. Then you are more likely to have hereditary hair loss because it will cause due to the transferred genes of hair loss.

5 Facts About Hereditary Hair Loss:

  1. Hair Loss is NOT a Disease:

Hereditary hair loss is a disorder, not a disease. Don’t make yourself mad and become stressed that hereditary hair loss is a disease. Instead, it means that you’re undergoing through, is just part of nature and nothing more. But you can, of course, cure it by getting a hair transplant.

  1. Hair Loss is Mostly Based on Genetics:

There are many other reasons too which cause hair loss. But hereditary hair fall is caused by the genetics. The baldness genes are transferred into you through your parents.

  1. Hereditary Hair Loss due to Androgens:

Androgen’s function is also responsible for the hereditary hair loss.

  1. Hair Loss as you Age:

Symbols of hereditary hair loss will generally begin at the age of 20s or 30s. Then a person’s hair will begin to thin, as he gets older. Hair fall gets worse due to the low level of testosterone that happens when a person gets older.

  1. Yes, Hereditary Hair Loss Can Happen To Women:

Women can also suffer from the hereditary baldness.

If you want to get rid of hereditary hair loss, in affordable cost, for permanent and natural looks then do consult a professional trichologist from an authentic clinic. You can get best and satisfying results by getting Hair Loss treatment in Abu Dhabi.


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