How to Care For Dry Hair During Winter?

Winter season brings its own winter woes, from static electricity to hat hair and from dry frizz to split ends. What is worst about these problems is that if not addressed properly, they can last for the entire season. And it’s not the problem of people living on colder regions. Even those living in moderate climate show up with frizzy, damaged hairs as winters come.

With winters just around the corner, you may also be gearing up to face hair woes that chilled, dry weather can cause. Here we will share with you how to care for dry hair during winter. Follow these tips and maintain healthy, hair this winter.


  1. Wear A Hat When Going Out:

The basic tip to protect your hair from winter damage is to always wear a hat when outdoors. The hat will help protect your hair from wind, rain and snow. But one downside of wearing hat is the “hat hair” the women don’t want to have, at least. Don’t worry we have an alternate for you! To avoid dreaded hat hair, loosely wrap your hair in a clean silk scarf before putting on your cozy, woolen hat. This will protect your hair against constant hat rubbing, and thus helps cut down the frizz and static.

  1. Deep Condition:

Dropped temperatures, cold winter air and dry heat in your apartment all take away natural moisture from your hair, thus causing your hair to become dry and frizzy. To counter this problem, deep condition your hair once a week. Use some good quality, moisturizing conditioner that suits your hair type to replenish the moisture that gets depleted from your hair due to dry weather. As an alternate, you can also go for hot oil treatment once a week. This will also help restore the moisture content and keep your hair silky and smooth.

  1. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently:

Excessive shampooing is damaging for your delicate shafts in any season. But during winters, when the environment is already extracting moisture content from your locks, excessive shampooing may dry out your hair too much. Two to three times a week is enough. Also, make sure you dry your strands completely before going out after a wash. Any moisture content in your hair will not only make you susceptible to cold but it can also damage your hairs making them more brittle and prone to damage.

  1. Get Regular Trims:

Trimming is one great way to get rid of damaged ends and keep your hair at their best. During winters the hair are more prone to split ends and thus trimming becomes a must to keep your tresses in good health. Get a light dusting of the ends – hardly an inch – after every 6 to 8 weeks and get rid of any dry and damaged split ends.

  1. Invest In A Humidifier:

If you wish to do some magic for your hair this winter, buy a humidifier. Wondering how humidity in atmosphere can be good for your hair? With heating system in your apartment on all the time, the air inside becomes very dry and thus causes your hair to become dry as well. But a humidifier will help balance the moisture content in the apartment, thereby preventing your skin and hair from becoming overly dry.

Follow these tips and keep your hair in their best shape this winter.

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