Dos And Don’ts For Healthy Hair In Winter

Much awaited winter season is finally here with temperatures dropping considerably every day. While there is a lot to cherish about winter months – from scarves and ponchos to long coats, from snow to snowman and from creamy coffees to savory soups – the season brings with it some hiccups as well. One of the most common winter woes is dry and frizzy hair. As soon as the temperatures begin to drop, your hair begins to fly away, courtesy static and lack of moisture. Now is the time to start thinking about Dos and don’ts for healthy hair in winter. Here are some simple tips you can adopt to keep your hair at their best this winter:



Here are the things that you should be part of your winter hair care agenda:

  • Condition Regularly: The chilly, dry air extracts the moisture out of your locks, leaving your tresses frizzy and static. The best way to fight static is to keep your hair adequately moisturized. The best way to replenish moisture is to treat them with a good quality, deep conditioning product. Every time you shampoo your hair, follow it up with proper conditioning.
  • Protect Your Head: Cover your head to protect your delicate locks from harshness of weather – rain, snow, chilled win etc. A sudden change of temperature can be devastating for your hair. Use a hat or silk scarf to cover your hair.
  • Trim Regularly: Regular trims can do wonders when it comes to keeping hair thick, healthy and fast growing. Hair becomes more prone to breakage and split ends during winters, so it becomes essential to get a light trim every 6 to 8 weeks.


These are the big No’s when it comes to winter hair care:

  • Don’t Shampoo Hair Too Often: Washing your hairs too often deprives your hair of it moisture as well as natural oils, essential for keeping locks soft, smooth and luscious. This is why hairstylists and experts strongly recommend not to shampoo hair too often, during all seasons, and especially during winters. Wash your hair twice or at most thrice a week. Also, dry your hair completely before leaving the house.
  • Don’t Use Heated Appliances: Heated hairstyling tools such as blow dryers, curling rods and flat irons all dry out hairs and become more damaging during winters. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these tools especially during winter months. If necessary, use a good quality heat defense spray to keep your tresses hydrated, soft and shiny.
  • Don’t Over Brush: Brushing your hair twice a day is good for your scalp as well as hair follicles, as it helps enhance blood circulation in the scalp. But avoid over brushing as your hairs are already very delicate during winters. Brushing your locks vigorously and too frequently can cause hair breakage and split ends. Use a wide-toothed comb or hair brush to untangle your hair.

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