Balding in Young Man and Shampoos

Thick hairs have always been associated with youth and masculinity, whereas hair loss signals aging, regardless of at what age you started losing locks. Experiencing baldness in middle age or in the old age seems to be a quite ordinary phenomenon, but going bald at a very young is nothing but a disaster. As a young man starts shedding hairs in clumps, two things go down the drain – his hair and self esteem. A study in Spain found that some 62 percent of the young guys going bald admitted that hair loss has shattered their confidence level big time.


Baldness in Young Men:

Nowadays more and more young men are losing hairs, with the reason yet to be known. Hair loss at quite young age is mostly due to Androgenic Alopecia, aka Male Pattern Baldness. But what is it that is making androgens strong day by day remains unknown. Male pattern baldness is a combination of heredity and hormones – Dihydrotestosterone (a by-product of male sex hormones testosterone). DHT causes androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles, leading to finer hairs, a receding hairline and ultimately a shiny scalp.

Shampoos for Hair Loss:

Walk into any drug store and you will be bombarded with legions of shampoos claiming to stop hair loss and help regrow lost hairs. While some of them may be effective in controlling hair loss, most of them just claim. In fact these shampoos are loaded with harsh chemicals which either further deteriorate the condition or result in numerous other potential side effects. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to be very careful when buying a shampoo for hair loss. Read the label carefully to figure out which chemicals it contains. The best approach is to use a shampoo only after discussing it with your dermatologist.

Hair Transplant for Baldness In Young Men:

If you are seeking a permanent solution to hair loss, look no further than a Hair Transplant surgery. Latest advancements in surgical hair restoration, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Stem Cell FUE, have made hair transplantation the most viable option for young guys struggling with hair loss.

How Hair Transplant Works?

Hair Transplant surgery does not help to regrow hairs. Instead, it redistributes existing baldness resistant hair follicles on the scalp to cover the bald areas and add a fuller appearance to the thinning head. Hair follicles are extracted using either Strip Removal Method or through Follicular Unit Extraction Technique. It is your hair transplant surgeon’s job to determine which technique will be best for you. The transplantation phase for each technique remains the same.

Is There Any Age Limit For Hair Transplant?

With advancements in surgical hair restoration, almost every hair loss sufferer can benefit from it. However, surgeons don’t recommend a transplant for candidates under 25 years of age, as at this stage hair loss is mostly still progressing and getting a hair transplant can lead to unnatural looking results. Nevertheless, exceptions are always there. You can discuss your case with an experienced hair transplant surgeon and he can better guide you after evaluation.

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