5 Reasons for Slow Hair Growth

Do you feel your hair is not growing? Don’t take it funny, sometimes it really feels like the hairs have completely stopped growing, especially if you have kinky, afro-textured hairs. This is the most fragile hair type of all, highly susceptible to damage and breakage. Hair physiology says that hair strands are always in one of the three growth phases – Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. But sometimes it seems that hairs are not growing efficiently or hair growth has completely ceased. There are several reasons why your hair growth seems to have ceased or slowed down. Here we will discuss 5 reasons for slow hair growth. Give them a read and find out which one is it in your case.


  1. Terminal Length Reached:

If you feel your hair growth has slowed down significantly over the last year, it is quite possible that your hairs have reached their “terminal length”. Confused? Let’s make it simple, just like height your hairs also have a terminal length beyond which they can’t grow. Once that terminal length is reached, your hair enters the catagen and its subsequent Telogen stage. These are dormant phases that last for 4 to 6 months and after that the hair falls off.

  1. Poor Hair Care Habits:

Another common cause of slow hair growth is your unhealthy hair care regimen. The common poor habits that damage your hair follicles, affecting their ability to grow are excessive use of heating products, chemical treatments, over manipulation and unhealthy diet. Therefore, if you wish to grow your hair at a faster rate, simply adjust your poor hair habits. The first thing that you need to do is to lay off the heat, let your hair air dry (no blow dryers) and wear them in their natural style and texture (thank you flat irons and curling rods). Also, wear protective hairstyles in order to avoid stress to follicles caused by constant styling and manipulation.

  1. Poor Diet:

As stated above, poor diet is among the most common causes of unhealthy hair. Your eating habits directly affect your hairs, nails and skin. Lack of essential nutrients can be cause of a multitude of hair woes, from rough and dry hairs to hampered hair growth to hair loss. We understand that it is extremely difficult to eat as healthy as you should, but believe me making a sincere effort can make a significant difference. There are obvious foods for follicular health that you should add in your daily diet. For example, dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables are a must, whereas processed foods and caffeinated drinks are a big no. If you consume a variety of fresh fruits of vegetables every week, stay assured your skin and hairs will never disappoint you.

  1. Lack of Moisture:

Lack of moisture in your hairs causes them to become dry and brittle, thus more prone to damage and breakage. Kinky, coily hairs are particularly prone to this kind of problem. If your hairs are dry and fragile, they will most likely break off just as quickly as they grow, appearing as if they are not growing at all. If you wish your hair to grow fast, make sure you keep them moisturized externally as well as from inside out.

  1. Underlying Health Issues:

Your body has its own way of signaling issues. Sometimes, an underlying health issue can trigger sudden hair breakage or hair loss. Hormonal imbalances are most commonly expressed through hair breakage and hair loss. Skin infections can also affect your hair health, affecting their ability to grow. So, beware of any underlying condition. If you doubt any, see your doctor to get it confirmed, diagnosed and treated.

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