FUE Faqs

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a no-stitch procedure that involves implanting the extracted follicular units into the balding recipient area.

1How does FUE procedure goes?
The procedure starts with the use of a small incision in the skin which helps separate the tissues underneath. The unit is pulled directly from the scalp which then leaves a small open hole. This is a repetitive process until the doctor has harvested enough units. This can take one hour or more but for large sessions, two days of session may be needed. The donor area where small open holes are left usually completely heals after seven to ten days. It will then only leave tiny white scars. The procedure and the consistency of the results will vary with each doctor who performs it. The technique is also very time consuming and requires a high level of skill from the hair restoration surgeon.

1What should patients expect during the recovery period?
FUE procedure is more comfortable during the healing period and the patients activities can be resumed in less than no time. Complete healing from a follicular unit extraction procedure is about five to seven days only. There will tiny white holes which the surgery will leave on your skin but no need to worry for these are not visible even if you keep your hair as short as you want it to be.

1How long does the procedure take?
This depends on the size of the transplant. Smaller sessions will take one day while larger sessions will be scheduled over two days.

1How long does it take for the hair to grow?
The hairs begin to grow immediately after the procedure the transplanted hairs enter a resting phase. They begin to grow again between the fourth and sixth month after the procedure. The full result will be well appreciated and noticed by most after 12 months.

1What is the percentage for the guaranteed results?
There is a one hundred percent guarantee for the end result of FUE procedure. All transplants are carried out using the same rigorous standards and protocols to maximize the probability of good growth.

1Where to go for the best FUE procedure?
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