Eyelash hairs should be long and overall volume should be good enough to make eyes stand out. Having eyelash extensions can rip off hair follicles and they are temporary. Eyelash hair transplant is a safe and effective option to get natural-looking and long-lasting hair growth. But what are risks and benefits? This blog post explains the pros and cons of eyelash hair transplant procedure.

If you to improve the appearance of your eyelashes, this topic is for you.

Pros of Eyelash Transplant

If you choose a seasoned hair restoration surgeon and take proper care, you do not need to worry about the side effects and risk of complications.

  • This procedure restores lost eyelash volume.
  • This procedure improves the density of eyelashes.
  • This procedure will enhance your overall appearance.
  • We offer financing option; payback in easy installments.
  • This procedure will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Cons of Eyelash Transplant

The success rate for eyelash hair transplant is quite high provided you choose an expert hair transplant surgeon. You can expect the following risks of eyelash hair transplantation in Dubai:

  • This treatment involves some downtime.
  • This treatment has temporary side effects.
  • This treatment carries the risk of complications.
  • This treatment is not cheap in many areas in the world.

Major and permanent side effects can be avoided by taking proper care before and after the treatment. Similar, the risk of complications can also be reduced by choosing a well-qualified surgeon.

Risk-Return Trade-Off

All cosmetic procedures have some side effects and risks. The risks and side effects can be avoided by choosing a well-qualified surgeon and by taking good care. The treatment is going to offer great benefits and taking some minor side effects for a short time is not a big deal.

Let’s Perfect Your Eyelashes!

In the end, we can say that eyelash hair transplant is a good way to get good hair volume that suits the face. If want to naturally grow eyelash hair through eyelash hair transplantation in Dubai, one of our hair restoration surgeons would love to guide you further.

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