Facial Hair Transplant in Dubai

Facial hair transplant

Like any other part of the world, facial hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates as well, especially in the metropolitan city of Dubai. Facial hair transplantation is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure designed to help men restore hair in the areas with sparse or missing hair growth. It is a simple procedure that transplants scalp hair to the facial regions lacking fullness and density. Facial hair transplants are mostly sought for increasing hair density of beards, but people are opting for the procedure to enhance mustaches, eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

Here we will discuss separately every area of the face that can get a hair transplant.


Beards are once again in fashion with more and more men wearing it to express their masculinity. But not all men are naturally blessed with thick beard naturally. Even those blessed with a naturally voluminous beard lose it density over time due to several reasons. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic offers Beard Transplant in Dubai to help men sport beards of their desired density. The surgery is most commonly performed on goatee area but it can also be performed on sideburns and cheeks to enhance beard density.


If you wish to redefine your masculinity, and this time through a changed mustache style, go for it. Don’t think about the ridicule and mockery that mustaches have faced over the last couple of decades. Studies have shown that women nowadays are attracted more to mustaches, because they associate facial hairs – beards and mustaches with masculinity. If you have sparse or patchy mustaches, don’t feel shy. Through latest advancements in surgical hair restoration, you can now buy mustaches as well. Yes, Mustache Transplant is very much possible and popular all over the world, including Dubai.


Eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes. Women especially love thick and shapely eyebrows. But some women either have naturally thin and sparse brows or they lose eyebrow density due to persistent plucking. Aging also result in eyebrow thinning. Whatever is the reason behind your sparse/ patchy brows, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has a solution for you in the form of Eyebrow Hair Transplant.


Thick and long eyelashes have also been associated with beauty, especially in women, but not everybody is blessed with naturally lush lashes. Most women seek respite in quick fixes such artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions but they damage even existing hairs on your eyelids, and don’t even offer a permanent solution. If you are seeking a safe and permanent fix. Eyelash Hair Transplant may be worth considering.

Which Technique Is Used For Facial Hair Transplant?

Both FUT and FUE hair transplantation techniques can be used for graft harvesting in case of facial hair transplant but the former has become obsolete because people nowadays prefer scarless surgeries and even surgeons find it easy to extract individual grafts from the donor site instead of cutting and stitching scalp skin. At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, we also use Follicular Unit Extraction method for facial hair transplantation.

What is Cost of Facial Hair Transplant?

There is no fixed Facial Hair Transplant cost. The expenses vary significantly from person to person and from one surgeon to another, depending upon numerous factors. These include the area that needs hair transplantation – beard, mustache, eyebrow or eyelash – number of grafts needed, experience and reputation of the surgeon performing surgery and geographic location of the provider. Facial Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is highly affordable and several times less than the one you may have to bear for the same surgery in some developed country.


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