Eyelash Hair Transplantation

Eyelash hair transplant

Eyelashes and eyebrows constitute the most critical features of the face, as they can make or break your appearance. While a thick eyelash serves as a window decoration for your eyes, sparse of absent lashes make your eyes appear horrible. Unlike hair loss from the scalp, eyelash hair loss or loss of eyebrows is not considered a normal phenomenon. There are numerous reasons why a person can lose his eyebrows or eyelashes. Most of the time the loss is temporary but in some cases it can be permanent, for example a trauma, burns or an accident. Whatever the reasons may be behind the loss, the good news is that you can always regrow eyelash and eyebrow hair, no matter how permanent the damage may be. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic now offers eyelash and eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai. Here we will discuss both procedures in detail.

Treatment Cost Cost Calculator
Required Time 2-3 Hours
Anethesia Local Anethesia
Recovery Time Varies
Success Rate Very High


If you are a victim of eyelash hair loss, or you want to grow thicker and longer natural looking lashes than you already have, you can always benefit from eyelash hair transplant. We use latest hair restoration techniques to help you get your desired eyelash density.

Eyelash hair transplant procedure is the same as that of a typical hair transplant, comprising of three major steps:

  • Cleaning and preparing donor area
  • Extraction of donor grafts
  • Transplantation of donor grafts


Donor area is mostly the rear of scalp because hair there is finest and resembles eyelash hair the most. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is used for donor graft extraction as only a few grafts are required for transplantation (about 25 to 50 hairs). The surgeon first administers local anesthesia to the donor area to numb it and extracts the required number of grafts. The grafts are then trimmed under the microscope to prepare them for transplantation. In the meanwhile the surgeon numbs the eyelid by administering local anesthesia there. Tiny holes are created carefully in the eyelids and the prepared grafts are placed in them to conclude the surgery.


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