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Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is known for his passion for hair restoration and expertise in restoring hair growth. Due to his illustrious career in hair restoration surgery, he an eminent member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Due to his artistic hands, he has a grip on hair transplant surgery.

How It All Started

Like all other doctors of international stature, his hair restoration journey started more than two decades ago as a young medical graduate. Today, he is a well-known hair transplant surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures. His patients get long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Dr. Sezgin has been working in different countries but he spends most of his career in Turkey and the UAE. The main principle behind his success as a hair restoration surgeon is his understanding that each hair transplant case is different and each patient has unique hair growth goals or needs.

Passion for Medical Science and Education

After obtaining a Medicine degree from Çukurova University, Dr. Sezgin joined a student exchange program and went to Madrid, Spain to further his medical education. His career started as a general practitioner and he specialized in medicine after some time.

His journey towards general surgery started after that when he got admission into Osmangazi University to specialize in general surgery. That was the time when he found his true passion: hair restoration. So he joined Osmaniye Public Hospital in Turkey to get training.

Training and Experience

He worked as Assistant Chief Physician and Manager of Operating Room, Emergency, and Intensive Care Units there. Then he founded Adana Marmara Estetik which is one of the leading hair restoration clinics in Turkey.

He even obtained a certification (from the Turkish Ministry of Health) to become Medical Aesthetician. He has a vast experience of performing different cosmetic treatments. Due to his expertise and high success rate, he is considered a celebrity hair transplant surgeon.

Gaining Global Recognition

He understands that keeping up with the latest techniques is important and that is why he knows the latest hair restoration procedures. He has been trained at prestigious institutions and he has been attending international conferences in Turkey, UK, America, Netherlands and the Middle East.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration is still new and a small number of surgeons are authorized to perform it. Dr. Sezgin is one of the notable surgeons who are known for their expertise in Stem Cell Hair Transplant. He is one of our top hair transplant surgeons who enjoys a high success rate.

Areas of Specialty

He is known for his abilities in the following areas:

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