Hair Cloning For Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Are you looking for the new hair loss treatments of 2016? Let me explain what the scientists are presently working on to treat hair loss issues, and what you should expect from technology in the coming years. Hair cloning for hair loss treatment is one of the ideas that researchers are presently working on and are hopeful that it will be feasible very soon.

About 90% of the men and more than 60% of the women have to face hair loss at some stage in their life. If given a choice, all of them will like to grow back their hair. Until now, hair transplant is the best solution to regrow lost hair. But hair transplant has some limitations, and at the top of the list is limited donor hair supply. Furthermore, the procedure is still costly. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can grow hair on your bald head just by an injection or applying a lotion? There is no such lotion, neither is there any such injection; but researches are working in this direction. Let us have a look at new research of 2016 for hair loss treatment.


Hair transplant experts and researchers are working on treatment to stimulate shutdown hair follicles to regenerate hair. They have successfully done this in the test tube. However, they are not yet ready to apply it to scalp.

Hair cloning is another exciting idea that researchers have been working on for almost a decade now and are very near to applying it on patients. It is a promising treatment for people with androgenic alopecia and those suffering from genetic hair loss. In hair cloning, a sample of germinative hair follicles, taken from the patient’s own body, is multiplied outside the body (in test tubes) and once the follicles start growing actively, they are re-implanted into the scalp with a hope that they continue growing in the scalp to become a permanent hair.

Hair cloning has faced many challenges, but it is still going on. If the scientists are able to multiply cells, they can produce many hairs for a hair transplant. But this does not seem to be practicable for another couple of years at least. But there is a good chance that we will be able to do some kind of cloning and solve the donor hair availability problem.

However, it does not mean that you should wait for a new technological treatment to come before you think to regain your hair. These treatments may take several years to be mature, and we cannot predict their results exactly.

At the moment you have a highly safe and effective solution for hair loss available in the form of hair transplant surgery. There are numerous other options available as well, that you can discuss by contacting a trichologist. But if you are really interested in growing back natural looking permanent hair, look no further than a hair transplant surgery.


To know more about hair transplant surgery or to get the procedure done by highly skilled surgeons, contact Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic with full confidence now and you would not be disappointed. We also offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for our esteemed clients.

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Hair Cloning For Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

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