Is your child losing hair? If yes, then read this article for more information about the 6 Main Causes of Hair Loss in Children, and also its best cure i.e.  Alopecia areata treatment in Abu Dhabi.

6 Main Causes of Hair Loss in Children:

  1. Tinea Capitis:

It’s a fungal infection, having ringworm in the scalp. Hair follicles are damaged at the surface of the scalp and give a look of black dots.


  1. Alopecia Areata:

It’s caused by the body’s immune system which attacks the hair follicles.


  1. Trichotillomania:

Hair loss in children is caused by the pulling, plucking, twisting, or rubbing their hair. It’s caused by stress or anxiety.


  1. Telogen effluvium:

Hair fall can also affect eyebrows due to sudden changes like:

  • extremely high fever
  • surgery under general anesthesia
  • the death of a loved one
  • any injury
  • due to certain medications

Due to these sudden changes the hair follicles stop growing and goes into the resting phase. Which leads to the hair fall on the scalp and also on eyebrows.


  1. Nutritional Imbalance:

Hair loss can also be caused due to the deficiency of some important nutrients like:

  • Deficiency in Vitamin H, Vitamin B complex
  • Deficiency in Zinc
  • Excess of Vitamin A.


  1. Endocrine Problems:

Hypothyroidism is also the cause of the hair loss in children.


If your child has a hair loss then no need to worry, just consult your child’s doctor or trichologist. She’ll examine your child’s head carefully and then she will recommend you to get a proper treatment. For example, if your child has ringworm, the doctor will prescribe an antifungal medication.

If your child has alopecia areata, then the doctor will prescribe your child to take medication for stimulating the hair growth.

If restless sleep habits are causing the problem, the condition will probably clear up on its own as your child gets older and settles down at night.

If any illness or weakness caused your child’s hair loss, then you don’t need to worry about because your child’s hair will grow out itself after the illness is treated.

If your child is suffering hair loss from any of the above-mentioned causes, then you don’t need to treat diagnose yourself by using home remedies, homeopathic medications, aliphatic medications or by using advertised sprays, creams and gels. Because it can be harmful to your child.

Many medications are advertised on TV media, and promising to give your child best, safe, effective and permanent results but actually, those companies are fake. So don’t buy them and get Alopecia areata treatment in Abu Dhabi instead. 

There no guarantees that your child has temporary hair loss or permanent. So for future, you need to get him an effective, safe, permanent cure in the from Alopecia areata treatment in Abu Dhabi.


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