Most Popular Hair Loss Cures and Treatments for 2017

Nowadays hair loss is the most common, irritating and annoying problem. There are many causes of hair loss, like hereditary, excessive use of heat on hair, weakness, illness, disease, medicines, dehydration, tight hairstyles like ponytails, braid, dandruff, pregnancy, childbirth etc.

We don’t take care our hair when we have shiny and healthy hair but we get worried and tensed when it starts showing the signs of damage. We have to be careful while handling our hair especially when it is wet because it’s in the most sensitive and fragile state.


We mostly brush and sleep with wet hair, which makes our hair sensitive and starts falling out. We should dry them properly before sleeping and avoid brushing our hair when they are wet.  We also use excess heat tools on our hair but it’s really dangerous for our hair.

Nowadays there are many treatments, remedies and solutions to cure hair loss problem but I am going to tell you the most popular hair loss cures and treatments for 2017.

Most Popular Hair Loss Cures and Treatments for 2017:

  • Hair loss shampoos
  • Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment
  • Laser Comb
  • Hair growth vitamins
  • Scalp micro pigmentation treatment
  • Hair tonics, sprays, and gels
  • Laser hair loss treatment
  • FUE hair loss treatment
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Hair cloning
  • FUT hair loss treatment
  • PRP Hair Loss Therapy


ACell PRP Therapy:

The effects of ACell PRP Therapy are mindblowing and the side effects or complications are minimized. Due to advancement in hair transplant techniques, now more and more people can get their natural hair back without pain and scars.

Medications such as Finasteride and Minoxidil can be used to cure the hair loss problem but it’s a temporary cure and also have certain side effects. Most of the hair transplant procedures work well but have a relatively short life as compared to ACell PRP Therapy.

New and advanced hair loss solution is introduced, known as the ACell/PRP therapy. Its injections provide a perfect and permanent cure for the hair loss. It helps the scalp to regrow new hair.

Pre-Operative Care:

  • Stop taking blood thinners
  • Avoid smoking
  • Quit Alcohol and drugs
  • Should have a healthy breakfast but avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

The Procedure of ACell PRP Therapy:

  • Administer local anesthesia to the scalp for the painless procedure.
  • The ACell + PRP injections are injected into the scalp
  • It helps the hair follicles to become strong.
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