Hair Loss Therapy – Evaluating Options Prior to Making a Decision

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Mostly men have to suffer from the hair loss problem due to wearing a hat, helmet, genetic. But nowadays due to many causes like pollution, unhealthy diet, improper sleep, hair products like bleaching, permanent dyes, hair styling tools like straighter, blow dryer, curlers, tight braid, ponytails, dehydration etc., women also have to suffer from the hair fall problem.
Due to the increase in hair problems, hair solutions, treatments, medications are also invented and modified.

Allopathic Cures:
Extreme hair loss/ baldness can be cured by medication prescribed by your dermatologist. He can refer you a specific medicine like supplements of estrogen hormones for the development of hair in women.
Due to the menopause, some women have to suffer from limited estrogen into their bodies. Then the oral intake or injections of estrogen could be given to make the hair grow and maintain it.
Homeopathic Treatment options:
Hair loss problems can also be cured by the herbal remedies or the medicines made from the natural extracts. Homeopathic treatment has minor risks and no complications/ side effects. It could be in the shape/ form of pills.
There are herbs like Sage and Rosemary, which are boiled in water and blended. The blended mixture can be applied on the hair as a shampoo.
Home remedies like massaging the scalp with oils are also recommended to cure the hair loss problem. It will help with hair regrowth.
ACell PRP Therapy:
ACell is combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and injected into the scalp. The application helps hair follicles to become healthier, larger and also improve the hair growth. ACell helps to activate the hair follicular cells (adult stem cells) and PRP helps to promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth.
It’s effective for both male and female pattern hair loss. ACell + PRP can also cure the hereditary, genetic, eyelash, eyebrow and beard hair loss problem.

1. Try to stop taking blood thinners
2. Quit smoking.
3. Avoid alcohol and drugs
4. Have a healthy breakfast but avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages.
5. Wash your head with some antibacterial soap
ACell + PRP Therapy can Treat:
1. Male Pattern Hair Loss ►in early stages of balding
2. Female Pattern Hair Loss ►at all stages of hair loss
3. Hypotrichosis ►hair loss problem in eyebrows or beard
4. Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis
5. Metabolic causes of hair loss ► caused by the iron deficiency or due to the use of medication.
If you want permanent and astonishing results then you should get ACell PRP therapy for hair loss. It has no side effects and results would definitely satisfy your needs and desires.


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Preferred Location
Abu Dhabi

Preferred Location
Abu Dhabi