Older men and women are more likely to suffer from hair loss. But nowadays, young people are also suffering the hair loss problem.

Hair loss at a young age, before or at the age of 21, can be very distressing, and stressful. Experiencing the hair loss at a young age affects a person psychologically and emotionally. He begins to feel less attractive, shy and shameful.

A young person starts researching the home remedies, starts using the advertised hair gels, sprays, and creams. He shouldn’t self-diagnosis because it can give him worst results. Instead, he should consult an experienced and skilled trichologist.


There are many reasons for the hair loss at a young age, like:

Causes of Hair Fall:

  • Unhealthy food, avoid eating snacks.
  • Improper Sleeping hours
  • Unpredictable Weight Loss, due to dieting, illness etc.
  • Had temperature or High Fever
  • Experienced an Operation or a surgery
  • Any Medical Disorder like Cancer, Lupus, Anaemia, Hypothyroidism
  • Tight ponytails, braids
  • Menopause
  • Permanent Hair Dyes
  • Intake of Drugs like smoking etc.
  • Sleeping with wet hair
  • Hereditary Hair Loss
  • Too much rubbing while washing hair
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Scalp illness like infections, ringworms etc.
  • Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness
  • Physical, Emotional, Psychological Stress
  • Brushing or combing wet hair

If you are suffering from hair loss at a young age then don’t worry, increase the intake of Vitamin A, B, C, the mineral zinc, sulfur, and protein.

If you have any medical disorder like thyroid, cancer etc. and you are taking prescribed medicines then it could also be the cause of your hair fall.

If you are experiencing any trauma either it’s physical or emotional, then you should overcome your stress. Because stress also causes hair to fall out.

Mostly guys of age 20, indulged into the use of drugs like smoking, shisha etc. they think it a fashion but it’s really harmful to their body and also causes their hair to become thin and then to fall out.

ACell Therapy Goals:

  • Helps to return your lost hair.
  • Helps to make hair follicles healthier.
  • Helps to boost hair growth.
  • Helps to repair damaged tissues.
  • Non-invasive technique.
  • Quick, takes less time in the procedure.

ACell Therapy Procedure:

  • Step 1 –A blood sample from the patient’s own body is extracted to produce Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
  • Step 2 – Under local anesthesia, the whole procedure is performed for the painless surgery.
  • Step 3– Using a syringe, the PRP is separated from the blood.
  • Step 4 – Then it’s injected into the scalp through the injections.

There are many other causes too, which should be avoided to keep your hair healthy, alive and shiny. But if you are suffering from extreme hair fall, then do consult a trichologist, he will carefully examine your scalp and then recommend you some medications or he will recommend you to get an ACell therapy for hair loss.



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