Why Hair Transplantation Is A Good Idea?

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Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting one’s own hair from the back of the head to the front or top of the head. In this way the actual roots of the hair are transferred and singly or in clusters or 2 to 5 hair small amount of skin. These roots establish in their new location and start to grow in 3-4 months and then continue to grow at the rate of about 1/2 an inch a month. These hairs are patient’s own natural hair requiring no maintenance other than hair cut and shampoo. Transplanted hair, with the modern technique of micro and mini grafts are virtually indistinguishable from natural hair.

This is the most natural method of having hair growing in previously bald areas. Since they are one’s own natural and growing hair, one can engage in all the activities even swimming which is not possible with hair pieces or wigs.

Selection of the patient for hair transplant mainly depends upon the availability of desire and large quantity of hair is the back of the head. It also depends upon the bald area, which needs to be covered. Most of the area can be improved their looks by strategic planning and careful hair transplantation by an experienced surgeon.

Hair transplantation can be done at any adult age; of course there is a selection criteria other than the age. Procedure can be performed in a clinic or a hospital. It does require a team of dedicated hair transplant stay though the procedure can last from 4-6 hours. Hair transplantation is a minimum risk surgery. Some of the side effects e.g. swelling around the eyes, numbness in the scalp region are self-limiting. Scarring both in the donor and recipient area is uncommon. Sometimes the existing hair can fall off from the surgical trauma, they grow problem like ingrown hair etc are easily taken care of.

Can hair transplantation be used to cover a completely bald-head?

Completely bald-head is a relative term. Most depends upon the availability of the hair at the back of the head. If good quality donor hairs are available then some hair transplantation even in a completely bald-head can be done, usually in the front area, creating a hair line, so that in a face to face situation the person does not look complete bald. The cost of hair transplant procedure can vary from Dhs 10,000 to Dhs 14,000 depending upon the number of grafts required.

Non-surgical treatments to stimulate hair growth are not very successful. At best some of the medication can slow down hair but not stimulate new hair growth. In terms of nutrition a balanced diet and regular vitamins supplements should be helpful in maintaining healthy hair, but there is no scientific clinical data, substantiating any non-surgical method of correcting hair loss. Hair loss in men is the most common cosmetic problem and it makes them look older than their age. This is the main reason for hair transplantation.

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