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July 22, 2016
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Long time ago, there were few alpha males who owned their crowning glory. They were intelligent, charismatic, bold and beautiful. But unfortunately things have changed they have gone from bold and beautiful to bald and beautiful. Whether you blame it on recent lifestyle and dietary habits, the truth is most men are losing hair prematurely and celebrities are no exception. In retrospect, as many men undergo extreme hair loss and baldness, hair transplant is the most efficient, permanent and natural looking solution to hair transplants.

Rob Brydon is one of the funniest people in the industry. Aged forty nine, he has established himself as an exceptional comedian and an actor. He has worked for multiple platforms including television, film and radio. This multi talented guy even holds a song that was on hit list on UK charts. He has also done standup comedy and has expressed his talent via writing.  Rob is a public figure and is constantly under limelight. The recent thing which people have been noticing about him is his newly acquired fuller head of hair. Rob Brydon hair transplant is talk of the town. There are multiple speculations associated with it.

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Brydon holds its place in the entertainment industry. He is almost fifty and he has to maintain a certain image in front of his audience. He is a free human regardless and is completely free to choose whether he wants to undergo a hair transplant or not. Yet, there are a lot of mixed opinions and thoughts in regards to his hair transplant. He is almost fifty and what people expect from a man, aged fifty as most men at this age are already bald. It is his right if he has undergone hair transplant surgery which has created all the hype about Rob Brydon hair transplant.

Multiple rumors have been around since quite some time. But rob once and for all cleared it for everyone and admitted that he has undergone hair transplant. He claimed that he had undergone hair transplant in a very charming and funny manner. He said that for some time, he has been feeling extra warmth on his head.  He knows well how to handle such a personal topic like it effortlessly.  The great thing which happened by him admitting undergoing hair transplant is that media was unable to feed off negative mystery.

It is evident from his new look that Rob Brydon has performed a hair transplant procedure on his scalp. Most people are assuming that he has undergone follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant. While some speculations suggest that they had undergone follicular unit transplant or FUT. Well, the kind of transplant doesn’t really matter as Rob Brydon is looking spectacular than ever.

Unnecessary negativity and criticism has been around regarding Rob Brydon hair transplant. I think that public should applaud him for his honesty and it might help him entertain us better. Regardless surgeons have done a beautiful job on Rob Brydon’s hair transplant and he is looking better than ever.


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