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August 8, 2016
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Leigh Griffiths was born on Aug 20, 1990. He is a Scottish football player. He plays for Celtic and national team of football for Scotland as a sticker. He started his career as a sixteen year old from Livingston.  He earned six “player of the month awards” during his initial five years in the Scottish first division. He has also been a part of wolves in the year 2011. After being a part of wolves, he chose Celtic as his next destination.

Leigh Griffiths have always shown signs of premature hair loss and as soon as he decided to take an action, The Leigh Griffiths hair transplant became talk of the town. Leigh Griffiths has always been unhappy about his receding hair line and following the steps of the fellow footballer, Wayne Rooney decided to undergo hair transplant surgery with his buddy Anthony Stokes.

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The 24 year old was extremely pleased with the results of the transplant and was open about the procedure. He has been posting pictures of his new hair on various social media platforms.  He had undergone Follicular Unit Extraction commonly known as FUE hair transplant. He claimed that being a victim of premature balding, he has been thinking about getting a transplant and as soon as he felt the time was right, he went for it.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant. Normally surgeons require patients whose hair loss has reached level 3 on Norwood scale. At this stage the skin affected by baldness becomes shiny. And this was certainly the case with Leigh Griffiths (aged 24) and his fellow Anthony Stokes (aged 26). Although the minimum age required by most hair transplant surgeons is 30. Despite being younger than 30, they were able to undergo hair transplants and are extremely happy with the results.

It does not seem that Leigh Griffiths have not undergone any non surgical hair transplant procedures making the statement with the “Leigh Griffiths hair transplant”. However, it is advisable to go for non surgical and medially proven hair loss treatments before going for a surgery. It provides not only an option of witnessing the possibility of hair loss being cured by a non surgical method but it will also impart strength to the existing hair and prevent further hair fall. If one goes for non surgical methods first, the hair is strong enough to go undergo a transplant.

By looking at the latest photos of Leigh Griffiths, It is evident that he did not opt for any non surgical methods prior to the transplant as the hair on top of his head is not as full as rest of his hair. If he had explored non surgical hair options first, the outcome of the surgery would have been even better. Regardless, Leigh Griffiths is looking better than ever. He has acquired a new level of confidence and looks cooler than ever.


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