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Any individual who has some kind of involvement in an upcoming wedding always put a little extra effort in their looks. Whether they are bridesmaid, grooms friend, family of the couple or just another guest, you definitely want to add that special something to your look.   Michael Lohan is no exception. With his daughters tying knot soon, Michael Lohan hair transplant became the talk of the town.

Michael Lohan is well known as a celebrity father and also as a reality star. He decided to sort out his bald patch for his daughters’ upcoming wedding. He decided to go under the knife, a few weeks prior to the weddings to ensure looking his best through all the special family moments.

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Why he decided to get it?

He was rather alarmed by the future bald photos himself on the wedding of his two daughters and wanted to minimize the glare-related problems. While he has managed to look spectacular after his hair transplant, he is not quite successful in stopping the glares. That is definitely in a good sense. Also, he said that he didn’t like the way he looked earlier. So, he decided to kick out his insecurities and go under the hair transplant in order to cover his huge bald patch.

From where he got is his transplant?

LA hair clinic California got the honors of transforming the looks of this celebrity father. It is said that he has spent $50,000 on his hair transplant. The hair transplant expert Dr Mehdi Tehsini performed the surgery. The surgeon and our very own Michael Lohan both seem very pleased and happy with the results. The very initial images shared after surgery was beyond scary. His scalp resembled a moon with a ring of hair surrounding it. After hiding his scalp with a cap, a week or two after the surgery, the actual results of the famous Michael Lohan hair transplant are visible and are surely spectacular.

Review by Michael Lohan

Lohan gave a five star review to the clinic and the staff of LA Hair clinic. He said that all the people at the clinic are truly caring and professionals in their work. He regards the staff as a family and looks extremely pleased with his experience. Clinic responded in a thankful manner to his review. The clinic is said that he will be further pleased with the results as the density of hair will progress in the upcoming months. He is definitely looking great and we can’t wait to see the full results of Michael Lohan hair transplant.


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