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Hair loss can take away a lot of confidence from a person and at times can be a cause of stress and even depression. It does not matter if you are someone leading a quiet life or enjoying the limelight with all the glitz and glamour as a celebrity. A similar situation was recently faced by Aussie singer and choreographer Jason Gardiner who had lost a substantial number of hair from the scalp.

The 43-year-old is one of those rare celebrities that confessed to getting a hair transplant and even discussed the matter at a length. He even showed his preoperative picture that was taken by the doctor. The reason for getting his hair restored was quite simple, Jason was hit hard by depression due to the hair loss. He does not feel any kind of shame in getting a hair transplant procedure done.

The lengthy eight hour session cost the Aussie a whopping $35000 as the surgery unit of the transplant facility was booked entirely for the day and no other surgeries were performed. The results are not instant and the hair start growing in about three months’ time and achieve full length in about a year.

Gardiner is quite happy with the results and plans on getting a second hair transplant in order to restore his hair completely. He revealed his new hair on the sets of Dancing on Ice, a dance competition that he is a judge at. It took everyone by surprise and left some gasping as they were amazed by the new luscious locks on his once extensively bald head. This was after a period of nine months of the surgery.

If you too have been faced with a similar situation and want to get a hair transplant, there are plenty of options that are available for you. There is no need for you to remain stressed over the matter. The hair transplant surgeries do not cost as high as the one Gardiner opted for since it was a Platinum package he opted for. You can opt from a number of transplant procedure options such as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or the less invasive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

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