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November 18, 2016
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November 23, 2016
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Akshay Kumar needs no introduction. He is a super star. And just in case, you have been living under a rock for all our life, here is a brief introduction to this ultra famous super star. He was born on 1964 under the name Rajiv Hari, but is known by his stage name Akshay Kumar. He is an actor, producer and a great martial artist. He began his career as an actor in 1990’s and since then has never looked back. His career is flying high and he has managed to create a space for himself in Bollywood (that no one can steal from him).

He is mainly famous for his action and comedy movies and is said to be a fitness freak. Thanks to his fitness, he performs all his stunts by himself in all his movies. That alone determines how much of a fitness freak he is. He has been nominated numerous times for his memorable roles and is a 2 time film fare award winner.

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Akshay Kumar’s hair loss

We think that celebrities are no humans. They are some kind of aliens which live far away from worldly problems in their perfect live. Guess what? It’s not true. They also suffer from the drama, sickness and off course hair loss. Yes! You cannot spot a trace of hair loss now but the actor was seen numerous times with a receded hair line. He also rocked the cropped look for quit sometime in efforts to hide his thinning hair. He was also accused of wearing a hair piece by few of the beauty bloggers are critics. When we look through the promotional events and award ceremony, the actor had a visibly decreased hair density which turned to a receded hair line later. But now he is in limelight for his hair transplant. Every magazine and news about him is titled as “Akshay Kumar Hair Transplant” lately.

Akshay Kumar hair transplant

Akshay Kumar has decided to make a change and has acquired permanent hair with the help of hair transplant. Most acquisitions claim that he has undergone a Follicular Unit Extraction. It is pretty evident as there are no scars on his scalp and his hairline looks extremely natural and flattering to his face unlike some old hair pieces he has rocked earlier. He looks better than ever and even when he is approaching 50’s, he gives a tough competition to younger stars. If you have a similar problem and want to acquire your hair and confidence back, it is time to visit a hair doctor and decide on the perfect solution to restore your hair. He might advice you to go for a hair transplant like Akshay Kumar or may be some non surgical options. Regardless, you can now gain your hair and look as fabulous as him.



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